Wednesday, May 23, 2018

the rest of forever

the entire two years I was in grad school, I felt like I was treading water just trying to keep up with everything going on! I never really zoomed out to think about everything I was accomplishing, I was just focused on getting through each semester. now that I am on the other side of grad school, I am realizing how big of a deal getting your masters is! I've had so much fun celebrating graduation & licensure & everything that has come with it!

life after graduate school has been pretty busy so far! the week of my graduation, we were offered a free week's stay at a beach house. obviously, we jumped on that chance! but we had a super busy week driving all over the state for commitments we already had, including graduation! it was a really fun week, but a tiring week! (and if I ever get through all of the photos I took, I will eventually post some on here!)

the following week I had an interview for a job, we celebrated Thomas's birthday and our fifth anniversary, and I accepted a job offer! it is so evident to us that God has led us onto this path. just as there was a lot of confirmation & doors that only God could open when we decided to start this journey... He has opened so many at the end of this journey as well!

last week we also took advantage of having Saturdays free again (no more classes!) and went to visit my grandma! it is fun to have free time to do a lot of things right now, but I am also ready for some time to rest before my job starts! thankfully, this week has been low key and I have been able to relax and decompress from grad school some!

because I took my board exam before I graduated, they didn't issue my license yet. the board can't make me official until they get my final transcripts with my degree on it! unfortunately, my school is huge so the school's office has thousands of transcripts to finalize, so the process could take up to a month! luckily, they are going in alphabetical order and I married up (went from a P to a B)! so, my transcript got finalized early and I have sent it in to the board!! 

that means that I am one step closer to officially getting my licensure! I have to wait until I have my official license before I can start my job... so that is why I am happy the process is moving quickly so far! I have a start date mid-June, but it is pending the licensure being official! so, I am hoping I can get everything before my start date & not have to push it back! I am ready to start working & start saving for a house!

I feel like we are in a weird season right now. it's been kind of hard to figure out life after grad school, because I had been going nonstop for two years! and while I had classes and internship at certain times, there wasn't a real routine because each week was different. so now, we are trying to get back into a groove and find what routine works best for us. this will probably be a little bit easier once I start my job (and we buy a house!), so for now we are just trying to figure out what works in this in-between season. and enjoying having slower paced weeknights & weekends! I am also just glad to have a few weeks of rest to recuperate from the past two years!

how do you transition into a new season of life?

Monday, May 21, 2018

my sister, the pharmacist

my sister graduated with her doctorate in pharmacy the day after I graduated with my masters! she asked if I would take some photos of her that day & it was a lot of fun capturing her family & the excitement of the day! I have the cutest nephew & he makes some of these photos so adorable! it isn't always easy to get photos of kids, but he did pretty good! the light was pretty harsh that day, so they are super bright but I think they came out great! I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of the day because they are so fun! 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

year five.


can you believe that five years of marriage have already passed? it reminds me that time, it goes so fast... and we should really treasure each day because soon that day will be a memory. we were both in our 20's when we got married, and now you are well into your 30's and I am joining the 30 club this year! if each year that you age goes by faster than the last, pretty soon we'll be in our 60's at this rate!

the 20's were a great decade... it was when we met and started dating. it was when we got married and adjusted to life together, for better or for worse. it was a decade for figuring things out and making some changes. and now that grad school is over, and I will be settling into my second career... I am looking forward to the 30's. the 20's were about a lot of changes and figuring things out... and I am ready for some settledness and calm. oh, and having our own house again! ;)

happy fifth anniversary & happy birthday!

love, Robyn