Wednesday, August 01, 2018

how a visit to the dentist is pretty much like an awkward first date

everytime i go to the dentist, i think about how awkward the experience is. when i was in high school, i had braces and i would have to go to the dentist on a weekly basis for a while, so you'd think i would have gotten used to it. but i still find it super awkward. my dentist was also my orthodontist, by the way, so i still go to the same person that did my braces. 

my dentist office is also pretty large, so up until the last few years i always had a different hygienist everytime i went, which added to the awkwardness because each time it would be someone i didn't know. i only have to go to the dentist twice a year because thankfully i have healthy teeth... but it still feels like an awkward first date each time. i've been thinking about the similarities for a few years and finally decided to write them down. ;) 

5 ways a visit to the dentist is pretty much like an awkward first date:

o1; the entire time i'm laying back in the chair, i'm thinking to myself "what do i do with my hands?" and "how much eye contact is too much eye contact?" i lay my hands on my stomach for a while because that's the easiest but then they get tired after a while! i also don't want to look at the hygienist while she's digging around in my mouth (lol) but sometimes she's leaning over my face and i can't help but look at her. nothing is more awkward than making eye contact with someone when you can't talk, at least i find that awkward! 

o2; prior to the appointment, i wonder if we are going to have enough to talk about or if there will be awkward silences? since i only go every 6 months it's hard to remember details about my hygienist (and i'm sure she doesn't remember details about my life either!) so i get stuck on questions to ask and i'm not huge on small talk in the first place! this is a huge anxiety before meeting new people as well, and especially on a first date! 

o3; at the dentist it always seems like they ask me questions while they're working on my teeth, so i can't really answer. on a first date this is the equivalent of someone asking you questions when you just took a bite of food... so you have to hurry and chew your food, while they watch you, before answering. either that or talk with a mouth full of food. another similarity is that the questions that are asked, both at the dentist and on a first date, are very generic and general. i feel like i answer the same questions every visit to the dentist haha

o4; at the dentist, and on a first date, you're trying to impress them which often comes in the form of embellishing the truth. at the dentist this looks like "oh yeah I floss EVERY day" and on a first date this may look like "i am pretty much the most awesome person in the world" haha

o5; at the end of the visit or the date, you have to schedule the next one and it's always hard to figure out what will work between both of our schedules. if it's a bad first date, you may not want to schedule another one and i basically never want to think about having to do the dentist appointment again so soon, haha! you may find yourself thinking "well if it doesn't work out and i have better things to do, i'll just reschedule" ;)

do you find the dentist awkward also? or is it just me?

Monday, July 23, 2018

the thing about your 20's

a month from today i leave my 20's and enter my 30's. (check back on August 23 to read all the things i've learned these past 30 years!) i understand that entering a new decade is kindof a big deal, but it doesn't really feel like that big of a thing to me. i guess because i graduated from grad school this year, so that was my big moment of the year. i'm just not really feeling any type of way about turning 30. not like i thought i would. 

i'm not scared to turn 30 and i don't feel old. i'm mainly just ready for everything that this new decade will bring. it will be drastically different from what my 20's consisted of, and i'm very ready for that. the decade of your 20's is an interesting time because so much change is happening! you're graduating college, starting a new job, maybe getting married, maybe having kids, maybe buying a house, etc. you make a lot of life altering decisions in your 20's and there is stress and anxiety associated with all of those decisions! but there is also a lot of excitement and freedom associated with making independent decisions for the first time!

the 20's are also a weird decade. it's the first time you are an adult for the entire decade, and there are a lot of responsibilities put on you that weren't there before. (plus you have to start spending your own hard earned money on toilet paper, of all things!) you have the freedom to make all of these big decisions, but you still long for guidance on some things! you're starting your adult life, but you aren't quite settled into it yet!

i began the decade by doing some international traveling. the first part of my 20's consisted of dreaming about (and then meeting) someone i wanted to spend my life with. then it was waiting for college graduation and finding a job. then waiting to figure out if i wanted to change careers and waiting to sell our house. then waiting to finish grad school and waiting to buy a new house (we are still waiting!). there was a lot of waiting, and a lot of changes. you really do change a lot in a 10 year period.

it just feels like the 20's is a time to figure things out... and that may mean trying and failing, or completely changing your path. it involves taking chances, chasing dreams, and figuring things out by trial and error. it's okay to make mistakes because that's how we learn. and it's okay to completely change the course of your life because you've realized you need to. 

Shauna Niequist has a way with words and one of my favorite quotes of hers is: "there is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. this season is about becoming." i hung on to this quote all throughout grad school, because that truly was a season of becoming as i was headed into a career change and did a lot of personal growing during that time as well. 

as i look back on my 20's, i realize that i was in school for a majority of that decade - at the beginning of it and at the end. i started college late because i took a few years off between that and high school. i was 20 when i started my undergrad degree, and 24 when i graduated. i was 27 when i started grad school, and 29 when i graduated. 

my 20's were more of a wildness as i lived those carefree days of undergrad life, before a career or marriage. right before i started college i traveled to England, France, and Ontario, which was really fun! then during college i started to really be out on my own and there's a wildness that comes with freedom! 

after college, i started a career and shortly after got married to Thomas, and that was a season of becoming in itself as we adjusted to life with each other. then when i started my career change journey, we moved cities, and i started grad school... that was another season of becoming. i've said it so much already but there have been so many changes in this past decade. in many ways i'm an entirely different person than i was at 19, because these seasons of becoming have really changed me.

and now i'm a month shy of turning 30 and i am already starting to be in a season of settledness. when i look ahead at my 30's, i feel like i am truly settling into life now. i've started a new job as a social worker this year, we'll be moving into our own home next year, we'll add new pets and new kids into our clan over the next 10 years. there will be some of our biggest changes yet in this next decade (hello parenthood) but it will be so nice to be settled into a career, a home, and our own little family going forward.

no one is ever ready to grow older... but i am ready for my 30's. to finally be done with school, to have a job that is meaningful and that i enjoy, to settle down into a house, and everything that will come in the next decade. there have been a lot of changes that occurred during my 20's and i'm so thankful that they did. but now, i'm ready to enter into a season of settledness and enjoy everything that comes along with that! 

how do you generally feel when you're about to enter into a new decade?

Monday, July 09, 2018

baby announcement photoshoot

some of our friends are expecting their second child, and they wanted to make the big announcement on July 4th! she got some fun chalkboards made with some catchy phrases on them & asked if I would take some photos for them! of course I said yes because it is fun to capture photos that celebrate different seasons of my friends lives! their daughter is 3 years old and she is so adorable! she had a lot of fun holding her big sister sign! well, as much fun as a 3 year old has with a photoshoot! haha! I think the photos came out great & she had so much fun using them to announce the new addition on social media!