Monday, April 10, 2017

writing | doors

when your favorite door closes
it can be easy to despair
but don't stare at that door so long
you can't see the new one over there

sometimes we have to change our path
though it's not easy, nor is it quick
sometimes we must build a new way
piece by piece, brick by brick

yet it is not the destination
but rather the journey that we need
to challenge us and grow us
and help us to succeed

so gather all your courage
and don't you fret about before
because i will be right beside you
as you open this new door

Monday, April 03, 2017

project 12 | March

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year as i can. it's fun to look back on the details of our year at the end of it, as well as seeing how we change through the photos each month. :)


it was so nice to have a week off this month for spring break! we took advantage of having a free weekend and took a few day trips to the coast which was fun! we got to see a lot of dolphins at sunset jumping out of the water which was really neat! we also visited an interactive zoo where we got to feed monkeys and lemurs! Thomas also had a work trip Tues-Thurs of my spring break week, so i tagged along with him! it was in our hometown but his company put him up in a hotel so it was like a mini-vacation! i got to meet some friends for lunch and visit family, but i also had a lot of focused time to work on papers for school. it was nice to have slow mornings and complimentary breakfast during the week though! ;)

i got offered an internship for next year also which is super exciting! it's at a hospital and was my top pick for an internship! it is also really nice to have the stress of preparing for the interview over with now! ;) the internship is in our hometown, and i will be able to finish my last year of classes at the satellite campus there as well, so we are able to move back home a year earlier than planned - which we are excited about! it will also be sad to leave our new city though because it has been a fun year here. but at the same time the plan was always to move back, so it is probably easier to move back after a year than after two years!

all of the work has exploded this month & the explosion is carrying over into April. i actually worked on 3 of my papers during spring break to get ahead, yet somehow still felt behind the entire month. the past few weeks i've had 2-3 papers due each week, and it's the same the next few weeks. but the week after Easter i have 4 papers and a presentation. what is this semester?! sooooo many papers!

my maternal grandmother had a stroke towards the end of the month, and is doing a little bit better now. she is currently in rehab & has gained movement back in her right arm, regained speech and swallowing. (back story: my paternal grandmother had a stroke over 2 years ago and never regained movement in the left side of her body, so she is in a nursing home full time.) health is such a crazy thing because you don't think about it when it's good, and it only takes one bad health event to drastically change someone's life. she is in rehab and improving each day though.

on top of everything else, we had our a/c go out... and we had termite issues in our apartment! i noticed a hole in the wall on the inside of our apartment & there were termites eating through the plaster. so gross! thankfully the apartment complex wanted to get both issues fixed quickly too so they have been dealt with - but it has just been added stress this month!

March 3 - i did a demonstration at school for a substance abuse training program for one of my classes (& passed!)
March 4 - we got to feed monkeys, lemurs, and birds at the interactive zoo!
March 5 - we moved our queen bed to storage because we set up my grandma's kind bed in the apartment! (it is so nice to have some extra sleeping space!)
March 6 - day trip to Charleston and Sullivan's Island
March 7 - traveled to the upstate for Thomas's work training
March 8 - i had lunch with friends, dinner with my parents, and visited my grandma
March 9 - we traveled back from our mini-vacation
March 11 - we took one last day trip down to the coast to finish off spring break ;)
March 19 - fed giraffes at the zoo and saw Beauty & the Beast!
March 25 - visited my grandma in rehab
March 26 - focus group for one of my group projects

what have you been up to this month?

Monday, March 27, 2017

30 things that fill my heart right up

two and a half years ago i made a list of 30 things that make me smile. and i figured it was about time to make another list, because it is good to pause and think of things that bring you joy every once in a while.

o1; words & the way they flow together

o2; spring weather

o3; having a partner to journey through life with

o4; pets that are as excited to see me as i am to see them

o5; the oxford comma

o6; lavender lattes

o7; the beach in the winter

o8; random conversations with strangers

o9; friends that you can just chill with

10; taking photographs

11; giving gifts to people

12; and decorating said gifts

13; being a social worker

14; the way the Bible says something different to me each time i read it

15; checking items off of a list

16; riding teacups ;)

17; dunkin donuts coffee, black

18; researching all about my myers-briggs personality type (INFJ)

19; filling up a calendar

20; laughing so hard my abs hurt

21; feeding animals

22; the way music connects to my soul

23; writing with sharpies

24; getting grades back

25; looking up at the starry sky

26; walking around London

27; organizing papers

28; making things with my hands

29; beginning a new book (not so fond of finishing them though!)

30; lava lamps

what is something that you are loving recently?