Friday, December 09, 2016

writing | more to give

they said the sky's the limit
you can be who you want to be
but then they go and judge you
when they don't like what they see

so she learned to lock up her opinion
just stay quiet and coast by
for the other people always had
the final say of what and why

she took her spunk and sillyness
and locked them deep down inside
she learned how to completely be
another person on the outside

then one day it hit her
that she had forgotten who she was
she hadn't smiled in years
she never laughed, just because

slowly but surely she began to unfold
the box she buried deep within
carefully she unwrapped it
and out came the person she'd always been

it didn't take long for her to realize
that her past was no way to live
she had listened too much to other people
when she had so much more to give

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

grad school by the numbers | volume 1

so my first semester of graduate school has come & gone. and what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't do a recap? well, probably the kind of blogger who only blogs once a month. oh wait... ;)

grad school by the numbers | volume 1

semesters completed: 1 of 4

articles read: 64

chapters read: 63

total pages read: i'm sure i hit somewhere over 3,000 (see above)

episodes of gilmore girls watched: 153
(at nights we worked our way through every season in anticipation for A Year in the Life!)

papers written: 27

total pages written: 153

cups of coffee consumed: 134 (see above)

lunch dates with friends: 20

free lunches obtained: 4

classes taken: 5

length of classes in hours: 3

hours of internship: 174

walks around campus: 15

days where i did nothing school related: 3

semesters remaining: 3

things i learned: 562,654 (but for real!)

Monday, November 07, 2016

project 12 | 2016 | part four

i love having my years captured month by month and plan to keep up with project 12 this year in a few different chunks. you can read about January-March here, April-May here, and June-August here.


the biggest highlight this month was a surprise trip to the mountains that Thomas planned for a late birthday getaway! it was nice to get out of dodge and have some relaxing time just the two of us. since grad school started i have been swamped with work & that is basically all i have time to do on the weekends. so i worked like crazy to get my work done friday & saturday of labor day weekend. then we escaped to the mountains on sunday & monday for some relaxation! if relaxation means spending the entire time outside either hiking or at the apple festival! (which for me right now it does, because my life consists of sitting in class, or sitting at my desk at home reading and writing)

my field internship started this month, and man did things go into overdrive! the internship is 2 full days each week, so those 16 hours on top of my 5 classes is sooooo much! but somehow i am still able to find time to get all of my coursework done which is the biggest thing i was worried about once i started my internship. i am getting less sleep now, but it's been more bearable than i was anticipating!

September 4-5 - we had a quick overnight trip to the mountains for some hiking & the apple festival!
September 10 - i went yard sale adventuring with a friend from school
September 13 - we started the bonding process with our 2 bunnies - yay for bunny friends!
September 21 - i started my 2 day/week internship, so life got pretty hectic!
September 22 - but we made time for our first date tradition! 5 years!


the weather finally cooled off most days, so we have been getting outside anytime i need to take a quick break from school work! we have been trying out different parks around town and basically just loving the nice weather! i take more breaks from my schoolwork than i probably should because i just want to have an excuse to be outside in the fall weather!

this month i had a lot of papers due for school, so unfortunately most of my weekends are spent doing that. however, thomas & i try to go out to eat on a weeknight and consider that our fun time. it is crazy how much time it takes to do all of this coursework for school, but it is only for 2 years so i keep reminding myself that. plus, i will have a few weeks off in December before the next semester starts, so that is something we are looking forward to!

October 1 - we took a morning stroll at a nearby park & found some ducks to photograph! 
October 5 - we had dinner downtown & a stop by Luke's (which was sadly closed)!
October 9 - we spent the afternoon exploring downtown & found a new favorite sandwich shop!
October 14 - i had the day off from school so we hung out downtown & saw Sully
October 22 - my parents visited for the afternoon - we had lunch & explored the canal park

what has your fall consisted of so far?