Wednesday, February 07, 2018

currently | February

currently, i am...

finishing: I am working on finishing the second of my two non-credit classes I was taking this semester. each class is 45 hours total, and each section is 3 hours long. on my days off, I would try to get two sections in which meant spending 6 hours on classes. it was rough but I am glad I doubled up so that I will finish this week! then I can spend those 6 hours a day studying for the licensure exam which I am taking in May. I can't believe how close I am to being done!

subscribing: honestly, I don't subscribe to anything really. I randomly get Hulu or Netflix if they offer a free month! ;) but we do have Amazon Prime right now because I got a few months free for being a student, and we've got another year left at the student discounted rate! it has come in handy when I need to order books for school or gifts! I can get used to the 2-day shipping!

wish-listing: all the trips! can you wish-list trips? because I sure do! I'm glad we live so close to the mountains because we are able to go hiking as much as we want which feels like a day vacation when we do! but we haven't been on a trip where we actually leave home in quite some time. so I am dreaming of all the vacations I want to take once I start working and we actually have money again! ;)

watching: I don't watch a whole lot of tv, but I do sometimes get hooked on shows and watch seasons straight through! I watched the first season of Riverdale over Christmas break and I got hooked, so I've been watching the weekly episodes as they come out for season 2! I've also been trying to catch up/keep up with The Flash!

hearting: jogging, which is kind of crazy cause I have never really liked running! I've been going to the lake on my days off (mainly to blow off steam from doing 6 hours straight of classes!) and walking/jogging around the parking lot for about an hour. and I've started to really enjoy and look forward to that time! 

what have you been up to this month?

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

snow day!

we had a snow day yesterday and we all had a lot of fun playing out in the snow! it is always crazy when it snows here because half of the county gets a minimal dusting and the other half gets icy roads and inches of snow. we live in the northern side of our county towards the mountains which means we usually get the snow! we got around 5 inches where we are living, and the roads were covered with slush which turned into ice over night.

but my parents, who live about 45 minutes away, only had maybe half an inch of snow and crystal clear roads. it just blows me away that weather can be so different in that short of a distance! but i'm glad i live on the northern side that gets the snow! :) our basset loves getting out and running in the snow so we took her out a few times and let her off the leash so she could have fun. our rabbit, Luna, got to get out in the snow for the first time and she liked hopping around too! of course all of this resulted in some cute animal snow photos! :)

what is your favorite thing about snow?

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

DIY clothespin photo frame

i wanted to make my internship supervisor something cute and personalized for a Christmas gift. but as things go, the semester was super crazy and i didn't have time to work on it until after the semester was already over. so i ended up giving it to her this week when i resumed my internship for the spring semester! she loved it & i had so much fun making it that i wanted to share the process!

materials needed:
piece of fabric
unfinished wooden frame (i got mine from Hobby Lobby)
woodburning tool
mini clothespin
fabric flowers
spray polyurethane

o1; pencil your design onto the frame & trace with a woodburning tool
o2; use a paper towel to stain the wood with your choice of stain color
o3; spray 3-4 good coats of poly onto the front, back, and sides of the frame
o4; stretch fabric around the frame insert and glue to hold in place
o5; place fabric insert into frame once poly is dry
o6; glue your fabric flowers to the top of the frame
o7; glue a mini clothespin onto the fabric insert & clip a photo onto the frame!

it is pretty simple to put together, but does take some time since you have to wait for the stain and the poly to dry. i finished mine over the course of two days, and i love how it all pulled together. i love the wooden element, but the fabric insert really makes it fun! plus, the woodburned name and/or design personalizes the gift! i decided to make a matching coaster for my supervisor to go with the frame, because she drinks a lot of coffee! i like how the name & cat face are on both to tie them together, i think it came out so cute!

what are your favorite DIY projects to gift?