Thursday, January 24, 2013

engagement // be here now.

At my parents house, the backyard is divided into two different yards by a fence, and the dogs are kept on the other side of the fence, from our deck and sliding glass door. The dogs know that the sliding glass door is where they will see us. So, they will sit outside right next to the fence and just look at the sliding glass door. Eventually, they will roam the yard, then come back near the fence and wait to see someone in the doorway. They long to see someone in the doorway because that means either food, petting, or they get to come inside.

There's a window from our living room that looks over the fence where they lay. Today, as I've done many times before, I looked at the dogs from that window. They are so focused on the sliding glass door, that they never see me at that window, even if I make a noise.

I think that's a perfect analogy for what it feels like to be engaged sometimes. My engagement is what is happening now, or me looking at the dogs through the window. My marriage is the sliding glass door. It's far off and I'm looking forward to it, but it's not quite what is happening yet. It's hard not to stay focused on the sliding glass door, especially since planning a wedding constantly keeps you thinking about it. But, I don't want to miss the time in life right now - engagement. I don't want to miss what God can teach me through this time. I don't want to be so consumed about being married soon that I miss the here and now.

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