Saturday, August 03, 2013

simple as that.

I have been thinking about these words ever since I saw this shirt a few weeks ago. life is good. simple as that. I've been thinking about it a lot because it's true. so true. the simple fact of the matter is that life is good. so good. I am not good (in myself) but life is good. because God created life. and God is good. 

whenever I think life is not good, it's either because (1) I'm complicating it (not letting it be 'simple as that') or (2) I'm not focusing on our good God or (3) both. 

no matter what circumstances life takes us through, life is good because God is good. simple as that.

Friday, August 02, 2013

the depth of winter.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
Albert Camus


winter: cold. dark. ice storms. dead trees. lethargy. loss. 
summer: warmth. sunshine. breeze. green shrubbery. laughter. life. 

I have always loved this quote ever since I first came across it. more than that, I feel like it is the perfect summation of my life these past few years, if not the entirety. 

winter: four years of stressful school work. goodbyes. lonely nights. family deaths. major surgery. doubts. the unknown. 
summer: Biblical community. successful recovery. family births. marriage to my best friend. new job. hope. joy. 

but this quote is more than a summation of my life. it reminds me of the gospel. "within me" meaning Christ in me. 
I doubt this quote was written with a Christian perspective in mind, but that's the beauty of God - He can be found in everything. 

winter: children of wrath. dead in our trespasses. passions of the flesh. sin soaked. 
summer: the cross. saved by grace. created in Christ. His workmanship. invincible.

we are free. we no longer have to live in winter. although seasons of winter will still come, we have the anchor of our invincible summer. Christ.