Saturday, September 14, 2013

real talk // praying for your husband

for the past 31 days i have been doing 31 days of prayer for your husband by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. as a new wife, i knew the most important thing i could do for my husband was to pray for him constantly. i came across this prayer list and thought it was the perfect thing to start our marriage on. these 31 days have covered prayer in every facet of his life and our life together, helped me to have a consistent prayer time for my husband, and helped my perspective on marriage and prayer. 

things i learned:

o1; while i was praying these things for him, i was also praying them for myself - because most of the time i probably needed the prayer just as much!

o2; most of the time, the scripture references or topics each day were exactly what i needed to read or pray about. 

o3; i can pray for my husband even if i'm not happy with him. more than that, i should especially pray for him even when i'm not happy with him... because it helps my heart and my perspective.

o4; praying for my husband and our marriage are the front lines in fighting to guard our marriage from the enemy

o5; one of the verses that stuck out to me the most was Luke 22:46 - and He said to them, "why are you sleeping? rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation." if i would "rise and pray" a lot of the time, i wouldn't be tempted to get angry and stay angry. i wouldn't be tempted to not forgive and become bitter. i wouldn't be tempted to act on my flesh.


  1. What a beautiful way to devote time to your husband! I'd love to read more about this challenge.

  2. So glad I read Mrs. K's faith & fellowship blog hop today & came across your post! praying for my hubby has been on my heart as of late and I absolutely love Nancy's 31-days!

  3. thanks for your kind words, Amanda!!! you can find the full 31 days from Nancy Leigh DeMoss here:
    this is something that i want to do regularly & blog about continually because it's SO important!! :)

  4. thank you Heather! you are sweet!! :) this was such a great challenge for me & i hope it will be a practice for me to keep in the habit of!