Friday, September 27, 2013

whole 30 // week 2

o1; apple chips! o2; salmon, asparagus, & pineapple o3; almond butter & celery 
o4; "everything leftover" soup 

if you missed week one - you can find it here

i am now on day 12! i do stand by my earlier statement that it's easier than i thought it would be. it felt a little more easy this week because i am more familiar with what i can & can't have. i've been eating some almond butter this week, and i really like it! 

i'm not sure why we didn't eat fish more frequently before because we both love it, but this week we've had it about 3 times. it's so delicious and pretty easy to cook! i also made ginger chicken in the crockpot, and an "everything that's leftover" soup. 

i've continued to feel pretty full & not really desire to snack much at all. i definitely have felt like i have more energy during the day. before whole 30, i would feel tired all day, but then have trouble getting to sleep as well as sleeping at night. i would wake up 3-4 times a night. ever since doing whole 30, i've been able to go to sleep earlier & sleep through the entire night! it's been glorious!

i honestly haven't really missed junk food or sweets. my weakness beforehand was cake pops - i seriously ate way too many of them! but i haven't missed them that much. not saying i won't have an occasional one after whole 30 just for old times sake though! i definitely feel like eating like this is already becoming a habit & i just love how i feel. i'm hoping this will be a lifestyle change & i can keep up the bulk of it after my 30 days are up. i'll introduce some foods back into my diet, but definitely not as frequently and not without being aware of what it is that i'm eating! 

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