Saturday, October 05, 2013

DIY // mason jar lid pumpkin

my mother in law posted a picture of a mason jar lid pumpkin a while back on facebook & i thought it was super adorable. so, i decided that i must make one for myself! last weekend, my friend Jenna & i made ourselves some pumpkins out of mason jar lids! again, i failed to take pictures during the process, but here is a short tutorial on how to make your own! it's very simple so pictures really aren't needed!

materials needed:
- 16-20 mason jar lids
- cinnamon sticks
- string/twine/etc. - something to tie the lids together with
- optional: paint

you can make your pumpkin any color you like and spray paint the lids before assembling the pumpkin. we are not very patient, so we decided to just leave them silver!

step 1:
cut a long piece of string(you can trim it later, but you'll need it long enough to tie the lids together) & put all of your lids on the string facing the same direction. tie all of the lids together as tight as you can get it. don't worry about it being too tight, it needs to be tight so they will hold together.

step 2:
fan the lids out around the tied string so they take the shape of a pumpkin. if the string is too loose, you can untie it & tie it tighter. once the lids make a good tight shape, cut off the leftover string.

step 3:
stick your cinnamon sticks in the middle to make the stem. my pumpkin was very tight so there was only room for 1 cinnamon stick, which i prefer. however, if you have more room go ahead and put 2 or 3 sticks in for a thicker stem.

there you are! your own mason jar lid pumpkin! so simple! this is a good girls night craft because it's not super complicated, so it's easy to talk while you're putting them together!

what's your favorite thing about fall? what kinds of pumpkins do you have around your house?


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    1. thanks girl :) it's so simple to make, but really adds that fall touch to our house! :)