Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY // monogrammed chevron pumpkin

we are having a pumpkin carving party at our house this Saturday, so i was inspired to make some pumpkin decorations! recently, i got a full year subscription to Family Circle... the white pumpkin with black chevron stripes in the October issue is what inspired my take on the chevron pumpkin!

materials needed:
-any size pumpkin
-paint brush (i used a foam one)
-paint pens
-tape (i used painters tape)

step 1: cut several strips of tape about the same length. once you have your strips cut, cut them in half longways. if the tape is too thick it's really hard to get a good shape on the pumpkin. start layering them on the pumpkin to make a chevron pattern. continue this all the way around the pumpkin. 

step 2: do the same exact thing on the bottom, making sure the orange chevron stripe inbetween is even all the way around. you can make the stripe as thin or as thick as you want to. you could also do multiple ones by adding more layers of tape. 

step 3: once your tape is ready, paint away! if you're like me & you got the cheap may need to paint 2-3 coats. i painted 2 & it still looked streaky, but we decided we liked that look. 

step 4: let your paint dry completely, then peel off your tape! the edges won't be perfect because some of the paint gets under the tape. 

step 5: to clean up the edges, draw a border around the stripe with a paint pen. i chose silver, but any fun/bright color would look great! 

step 6: once the border is dry, finish your pumpkin off with a cute monogram! i drew mine free hand, but you could make a template using your favorite font to have something to follow. 

there you have it! your very own monogrammed chevron pumpkin! 

what are your favorite pumpkin decorating ideas?


  1. That turned out so absolutely adorable! :-)

    1. thank you, sweet friend! :) it was my first attempt, so i was hoping it would be presentable!