Saturday, October 12, 2013

love story // a mini series

i decided to do a mini series outlining the timeline of my relationship with my husband. i've seen other bloggers do this & i absolutely love reading their love stories. so, i've decided to share mine! 

what posts do you have to look forward to? 

love story: meeting & becoming friends
love story: dating
love story: the proposal
love story: the wedding (o1)
love story: the wedding (o2)
love story: our wedding video
love story: the honeymoon 

i don't believe i've ever written down our story, so it'll be awesome for me to go through & remember all of the little things about our relationship. it'll also be neat for me to share how our relationship evolved & to look back and see how God's hand was all over our lives! 

i'm heading to Ohio for the week on Monday - for my very first business trip! i'm hoping to have some time while i'm there to start on this mini series! 

this means i will have to dig up some awesome pictures from the past 2 years! i'm very excited about this mini series though & hope you all will enjoy it also! 

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