Thursday, October 17, 2013

love story // meeting & becoming friends

my first year during college, i started visiting a new church in the area called Renewal, which i had heard about from a friend at school. they were offering an internship during the summer for college students, so i applied & got accepted for it. my parents came to visit the church the Sunday before my internship started (May 2010) to meet the pastor and check out where i would be. so, my first Sunday of interning i got there at 7am to help with setup. after set up was over, i was in the "auditorium" (which was a hotel conference room) and this guy named Thomas walked up to me. he introduced himself and asked if my parents had visited last Sunday. i said they had and he said he had recognized them from the church that we used to go to! turns out, he is really good friends with a guy named Brandon, who happens to be the son of my parents really good friends. (it's such a small world, really) so we actually ended up talking for about 30-45 minutes. we learned that i was going to the college that he had gone to. i was an accounting major and he was a business major, so we knew some of the same teachers. 

i remember thinking about how easy it was to talk to him, how down to earth he was, and how nice he was. (he remembers thinking i was cute, nice, and he thought i was waaaay younger than him... long story short i took a 3 year gap year between high school and college, so i was actually 3 years older than your average college freshman - but he didn't know that yet!) after that first Sunday, we would make it a point to say hello and talk some each Sunday while we both got there early to help set up. he wasn't an intern, but he ran the media & sound so he helped with set up every Sunday as well. one Sunday me and some of the other interns went out to lunch after church and i asked Thomas to go. he did, and when we were parking we realized that we both drive VW beetles! mine is a 2001 green beetle, and his is a much cooler orange 1973 convertible beetle. 

he came to a few of the intern get togethers during the summer and we talked some more. at the beginning of the next school year, we did some events for incoming freshman and he came to those as well. i actually have a picture i took during one event where he is standing near the popcorn machine: 
(he's in the white shirt)

during the following school year, we both attended the small group that met near campus. (he actually lives 10 minutes from the college we went to...and we both live there now!) during small group we got to know each other better. we got to hear each other talk about our faith and our stories during small group. (he said that's when he really started noticing me. plus, that's when he found out i wasn't 19...i was 22...which is important because he was 25 & about to be 26!) so we were learning about each other's personalities, lives, and spiritual life...which was pretty cool. i snapped some pictures during our small group superbowl party that year (2011) that he is in (he's on the right)

(this is him playing one of the "minute to win it" games during halftime)

so, that's how we met and started getting to know each other. at the end of that school year, i headed off to Alaska for 3 months to work at a camp through the North America Mission Board... & Thomas was in South Carolina all summer (because he was a college graduate with a full time job)...


  1. I love to hear the early days of love stories!! That's such a random coincidence that you both drove beetles--that's a fairly unusual car! I met my husband when I was a freshman too, but I was was a younger than average freshman and he was an older than average college senior. We got engaged when I was 18 and he was 25--scandalous!

    1. yeah! i thought the beetle thing was very unusual too! :)

      haha! scandalous! that's awesome though! my mother-in-law & father-in-law are about 8 or 9 years apart! she was still in elementary school when he was a senior in high school! so wild!