Friday, October 18, 2013

love story // dating

if you missed love story: meeting & becoming friends, you can find it here in August 2011 i came back to South Carolina from Alaska and started my third year of college. i see Thomas at church one Sunday and we talked a little bit about my summer. later that week, i met Thomas's roommate at the time at his house (Thomas owned a house and let a guy that went to my college stay with him that school year) and i ended up staying for a while talking with Thomas about Alaska, Accounting, and a bunch of other random things. i loved hanging out at his house...i just thought it was really cool! then about a week later i went over there again because his roommate and some friends were deep frying oreos - and let's be can't pass that up! i remember joking with Thomas that night & he seemed to work hard to include me in the conversations....because i was the only girl in the group.
on September 10 i was going to a Clemson game with some friends from church and i invited Thomas to come with us. he already had plans to go to the game with some of his friends though. the night before the game, we both went to a Matt Papa concert downtown and i ended up getting there late & his roommate let me have his seat so i got to sit near Thomas for the concert! i didn't see Thomas at the game, but the Sunday after the game, we talked about the game and he mentioned that we should go to a game sometime together. the next weekend i was gone for the college getaway with our church, and Thomas texted me a lot that weekend....and i was starting to figure out that he was interested in me as more than a friend. (and i already knew i was...)

so that next week we started talking more and one night talked about coffee and how we both liked it black, but also liked flavored drinks. he mentioned that we should get coffee sometime. so, me being the planner i am, suggested that Thursday! he said that sounded great to him....and so it began...

(he told me later that a few weeks before the concert and game, he started thinking about how awesome of a wife i would be....and it may seem weird that he thought that....but i am sitting here today as his wife... :)
 our first date was on September 22, 2011 to Starbucks on a Thursday night to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes and talk/catch up! (even though at the time he asked me he wasn't sure if it was a date or a "friend thing" - i call it a date) i had never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte before, but he got that so i got it also to try it. (if i had only known the addiction it would start...)

i didn't finish my latte while we were there, so i took the rest home with me. the next day i was looking at the cup & thought it'd be a cool idea to keep what i called "artifacts" from our dates! (i do things like this all the time...) so i cut out the logo from my cup. and i actually started a scrapbook (i use that term very loosely) where i put the "artifact" and wrote a synopsis of our date. i think this is really cool because we have 2 scrapbooks that document our entire relationship from the very first date all the way until our official "one year dating anniversary" with a little keepsake or picture from the date. (then we got so busy with engagement stuff --SPOILER ALERT-- i couldn't keep up with the scrapbook, so i ended on our dating anniversary - which long story short is February 4th because he didn't officially ask me to be his girlfriend until then....and if you're good at math you've figured out that's a little over 4 months from our first date)
(this is my first entry in our dating Scrapbook, complete with the logo & order sticker from my latte):

(this is on September 2012...where we decided we would recreate our first date each year on the 22nd by going to Starbucks!):

in January, i finally convinced him to take a picture with me! (this kid seriously hated pictures and avoided cameras like the plague...but as you'll see i changed that!) so this is our first picture together:
(and it's grainy because it's the front camera on his iphone)

& this is our second picture together - the picture that we used to use for everything (profile pictures, picture frames, phone pictures, etc) because we loved it so much. this was one of our first super long dates! he made lunch for us at his house, then we went to Trader Joes (where this picture was taken), and we went to see Sherlock Holmes that night. it was almost a whole afternoon & night of hanging out & we had so much fun!

this next picture is the first time that he went to my parents house to have dinner with them. (my dad takes "dinner table" pictures everytime we have someone over to's kind of awkward if you're new to the family haha)

(side story: he actually ate dinner with our family before. on our 3rd date he helped me move my stuff home for Christmas break....and my dad invited my sister & brother in law, me, & Thomas to we went to Moe's....and then went to pick out my parents Christmas tree. yes, on our 3rd date we were picking out the family Christmas tree haha)

eventually while i was staying at home during Christmas break & summer break we started skyping, because video calls are so much more interesting than phone calls. this is a picture of our first "skype date":

this was sometime during summer 2012 when we went downtown with his parents, sister & brother in law...we got a "family" picture & i felt pretty awesome because we weren't even engaged yet & i was included in the family picture (giggle!)

we were seeing each other in December 2011, but we didn't do any of the family Christmas stuff, because we weren't official yet. (he is so serious about being official girlfriend and boyfriend haha) so this is a picture from what we call our first Christmas (2012) at his parents house on Christmas morning:

...and these are some other random pictures of us making faces, making sushi, making memories...

so, skip forward to August 2012.... it's almost been a year since our first date... we've gotten to know each other very well over the past year. we've spent a lot of time together discussing life, God, relationships, jobs, interests, etc... we found out that we have similar views & goals in life... we are at the same place in our relationship with God and continuing to pursue Him... & we are falling more & more in love with each other....


  1. So many cute dates! I love the almost courtship process of being exclusive but not calling it official yet. That's basically how ours was, just on a much faster timeline!

  2. thanks Kaitlin! :) haha yeah we were a bit slow!