Sunday, October 20, 2013

love story // the proposal

if you missed love story: dating you can find it here. we pick up on September 1, 2012 (labor day weekend) - Thomas has been talking about how he wants to go hiking for the past few weeks. so, he planned a hiking trip for us. and he's really been freaking out about the weather hoping it doesn't rain, and he's planned the entire day - including packing us a picnic lunch. (this is a little out of the i'm pretty sure something is up)

that Saturday morning he comes to pick me up & when i get in the car he has a white rose for me: 

he had planned the whole day. he packed a picnic lunch for us & we went to Black Balsam to hike up to the top where it's flat & you can see the blue ridge mountains all around. it's a really cool view. 

when we got to the top, he put our blanket out & we ate the lunch he had packed for us. he packed all of my favorite foods & it was delicious. after lunch, he told me he had finally put together a photo album of our pictures (that he had been saying he would do for a while) so i was excited to get the photo album:

except when i opened it...i realized it wasn't a photo album, it was a scrapbook. he wrote a really sweet message on the front page. he had put all of our favorite pictures throughout the book, and he also included cute messages & Bible verses on the pages. 

the second to last page had a poem he had written on it, then when i flipped to the last page it said "Robyn, will you marry me?" and had a picture of my engagement ring! then, he turned to me and said a lot of (what i'm sure was) really sweet stuff....which i don't remember any of...and neither does he... and i said yes! so we are engaged! woo hoo!! then, of course, i have to take a picture! (more like a million)

& we took a picture of holding hands (a.k.a. showing off the ring) with the mountains in the background:

this is the poem that was on the second to last page:

the ring is a heart, by the way! i love it!

then we hiked back to our car & we stopped at the Pisgah Inn on the way home to use the restroom. when we got there, i gave him a small scrapbook i made him in anticipation of him proposing (i assume things & think ahead) - but my scrapbook wasn't as elaborate as his! 

after we went home & changed clothes...we went out to a celebratory dinner. after dinner he asked me if i wanted to go by and see his parents... so we drive up to his parents house & there are a bunch of cars parked in their driveway... he had invited his family, my family, and some of our friends to a surprise engagement party! it was a lot of fun! & such a surprise!

in October of that same year, i went to the doctor & found out i had to have major emergency surgery. good thing i had already done a lot of the preliminary plans for the wedding, because i was out of commission for about 2 months. i was out of work for 5 weeks, had to finish my classes at home, but i ended up graduating in December as planned!

we were planning on getting our engagement pictures taken in November, but because of the surgery, they had to be pushed back until March. we had a lot of fun taking them, though, & i've picked some of our favorites to share:

(we made our new last name in Burlap letters & our photographers used them for this picture - it is my absolute favorite picture of all time!)


  1. I love these photos!!! You're engagement story is so special. I bet the surprise engagement party was so fun!

  2. Stop being so cute! Also it's really fun to see photos on other blogs of places I'm really familiar with. Greenville is the best. Husband says if you're Clemson fans we can't be friends but I say he's totally overruled and we need to be blog friends.