Wednesday, October 23, 2013

love story // the wedding (o1)

if you missed love story: the proposal you can find it here.

so we pick up on the week of our wedding! that Wednesday we set up our venue & exchanged wedding gifts. Thursday we had a bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. then Friday night was the wedding! 

we exchanged wedding gifts before the wedding day because we wanted to be able to see each other open their gift. i got him woodburned cufflinks with our initials on them to wear on our wedding day, & he got me this "love is patient, love is kind" plaque and a new Bible with my new name engraved on it! i thought that was the sweetest gift ever... & i absolutely love it!

the day before the wedding, we had a bridesmaids luncheon. i gave my bridesmaids their necklace & pearl earrings to wear at the wedding: 

and i gave my mom & mother-in-law an embroidered handkerchief:

these are my gorgeous bridesmaids at the luncheon:

this is me with my mom on the left & mother-in-law on the right:

a guy at my work hooked me up with a man that grows flowers for weddings. so i skipped the florist & dealt strictly with him. he grew my 45 stems specifically for me...which i'm not gonna lie, that's pretty awesome! so, the day before the wedding my mom's friend & some of my bridesmaids helped us put the bridesmaids bouquets together! 

we got them finished in pretty good time & had to take pictures with the beautiful flowers!

we put them in vases & into an ice chest to keep them until the wedding. are they not super cute??

next we went to set up our venue! we got married at a place called The Loom - it's an old cotton mill that's been renovated into a wedding venue on the bottom floor, & apartments on the top floor. it's gorgeous inside! we gave out "hugs & kisses from the Mr. & Mrs." as our favors - and had them flowing out of this crate onto burlap. we stained & put this crate together - it was a fun project to do together!

this is our guest book table... we had "in memory" frames for our 3 grandparents & uncle that have passed away. then our guestbook is two wood planks. a family friend does calligraphy & he wrote "The Blacks" on the first plank and "Est. May 17, 2013" on the second plank. i added some sunflower embellishments. we wanted to do something different, but nothing over done. we now have our planks hanging above our tv in our living room. we love it! 

we had a little "advice" station where people could share wisdom for the newlyweds & drop it in the tiny mailbox. we got some really funny ones!

these are our centerpieces! we were going for a woodsy/mason jar theme... so we stuffed the mason jars with burlap & put one of our engagement pictures in the middle mason jar. 

this is our "sweetheart" table reserved for the bride & groom. i picked this sunflower up at Cracker Barrel & the mason jars were a gift - they have a "B" on them! so precious!

this is just a look inside The Loom...i love their Japanese lanterns they have hanging up! & they wrap the poles with lights. all of this was included so we didn't have to set it up ourselves!

this is our cake table! i absolutely love that "grass" coming out of the wall right there. this place is seriously beautiful inside. we hung twine on the door & attached some of our engagement pictures with tiny clothespins. this is one of my favorite decorations we did!

this is the bar in The Loom...we didn't have alcohol, so we just used it for our tea & lemonade (yes, we are in the south!) we had a burlap sign printed with a sunflower & our names on it - then we put it in a wood frame! our theme was super easy to go with! then, at the bottom are the burlap letters i made which spell our last name! (we used these in our engagement pictures)

this is our gift wagon - complete with a birdcage for cards on top! & our burlap gift banner i bought off etsy!

this is a close up of our bird cage for our cards. & the wood slice i made for decoration! (you may have remembered it from our engagement pictures)

this is what we had in the easel as people came in to the wedding (during the reception we put my bridal portrait on display) - my hubs actually made this for me for Valentine's day. we now have it hanging in our dining room. i love it! he's so creative!

here's a view of our finished tables! we didn't want to overdo the centerpieces, so they're simple & cute. we had our wedding & reception in the same building, so the reception tables stayed on the side of the room until the wedding ceremony was over.

this is me & my maid of honor, Rebecca after setting up. we were roommates in Alaska for 3 months when we worked at a camp through NAMB the summer of 2011...that's how we met & we've stayed good friends since!

here's me & the hubs at the altar two days early! ready to get the show on the road!

this is our amazing wedding director getting everyone into position during rehearsal:

i think this picture is funny! this is our pastor, Toby, who married us & it looks like me and him are about to fight! he's a hoot though!

me & the hubs....only about 24 hours away from becoming man & wife! woo hoo!

me & my husband both got our parents gifts for helping us with the wedding & presented them at the rehearsal dinner! i got my mom photo blocks with 3 photos of me & her....then the blocks spell "MOM" in black & white!

i got my dad a picture frame that says "Dad, of all the walks we've taken, this one's my favorite" then after the wedding i gave him a picture of us walking down the aisle to put in his frame! (adorable, i know!)

these are the super cute tables at the rehearsal dinner - they also fit our theme so well!

here's me & the hubs at our rehearsal dinner - standing in front of the cake table! they made a super cute "tux" cake for his grooms cake! & also cupcakes with a "B" on them for our last name!

this is me & my sister at my bachelorette party - can you tell we're related?

this is me with Jenna....she's the one who hosted the bachelorette party at her house!

all of the festivities the week of the wedding were really fun...but also really exhausting. needless to say, once we got to our hotel that night...we were ready for a week away! 


  1. :) Looks like a lovely day! All the little details are so pretty, and I love your flowers--they're a little bit out of the ordinary for wedding bouquets, and I'm all for that! Also, getting the Bible with your new name must have been pretty special!

    1. thanks, girl! :) everything i like tends to be a little different...which i love because it helps me to own it & feel like it's mine!

      yes, the Bible is so precious to me!

  2. The Loom is very similar to the Arts Center in Anderson where we got married! The exposed brick and old wood are the best parts of the old converted mills all around the upstate!!

  3. yes! that was actually how i found the Loom! i googled "exposed brick & rustic wedding venues" hahaha!