Friday, October 25, 2013

real talk // too busy to pray.

in 2011, i worked & lived at a camp in Alaska for 3 months. during that summer, a boy named Cody came to 2 different camps. i remember the first day of camp he seemed shy & distant, so i made it a point to talk with him every time i saw him. during the first week he was there we struck up a friendship. he was so sweet & one of my favorite campers. ('re not supposed to have favorites!) he wrote a sweet note on my board before he left & i have always remembered him. since i moved back to the lower 48, i've spoken with him a few times through facebook, but nothing extensive. 

i told you that little story, to tell you this... 

so, i had this whole post planned out about prayer. & how i've felt so extremely busy this past year that i haven't made prayer the priority it should be.... then, yesterday i found out that Cody killed himself this past weekend. & my reaction seemed to shape this post...

last weekend i saw a facebook status that Cody put up in my newsfeed. it said "Bye everybody, I love you all. We will meet again someday." i paused as i read the status, contemplating what it could mean. was he moving from Alaska to another state? joining the army? (he is, afterall, around that age) or perhaps, is something more serious going on? is he depressed? is he contemplating a decision that will affect everyone around him?

i checked to see if he replied to any of the comments left on his status. he hadn't. then i scrolled through his page to see if he had any posts about moving or going into the military. he didn't. i thought about sending him a message to check on him. i didn't.

i guess when you hear a story like this.... you tend to look back and see the warning signs. you also look back and think of what you could have done better. if i had sent him a message on facebook, would he even have read it? i don't know. would it have changed anything? i don't know. i don't know if i could have done anything to change what happened or to help him in any way.

but what i do know, is that i could have prayed for him. i was so busy doing whatever i was doing, that it didn't even cross my mind. which brings me to my point....

i remember hearing this when i was younger: if we are too busy to pray & spend time reading scripture.... we are far busier than God ever intended us to be. that comes to mind today as i think about how busy i have been these past few months. if i'm honest, i haven't done the best job at intentionally making time for prayer. i've learned that if i don't make a plan to do something, it most likely won't get done. i'm a planner, so if it's not on my's most likely not on my radar. 

i've also learned that if i'm not intentional about something, it won't become a habit. if it doesn't become a habit, it won't cross my mind during times that it needs to. if i'm filling my life & mind with things that don't matter in the future, i am missing opportunities for Kingdom work. i see myself get so focused in the here & now, that i don't often think of the big picture. i get so caught up in my life, that i don't get involved in other people's lives.

my challenge to myself is to pay more attention to the details outside of my little world. when i see someone around me & i can tell they are struggling... i want to ask them questions, give them encouragement, & pray for them. when i am in a rush & i hear or see someone in trouble... i don't want to think "i don't have time to help them" - i want to think "nothing is so important that i need to pass up an opportunity to share God's love." since i'm a planner, i also want to remember that it's okay to let God's opportunities change my plans. i want to do a better job at praying for the people that are in my life. & i want to do a better job of making prayer a priority in my life. afterall, if i'm spending time in scripture & praying to the Lord.... i will handle all of the busyness better. because i'm allowing the Lord into that area & not relying on my own strength.

 if we think we are too busy to pray, then we are too busy NOT to pray.


  1. Very well put. thank you for the reminder of the truth.

  2. thank you, Emily! i need to be reminded of this truth every day!