Thursday, October 03, 2013

DIY // Turkey Wreath!

this past weekend, my husband & i made a turkey wreath for our house! we love making our own decorations & had a lot of fun doing it together! we mainly decided to make this wreath because we have 0 decorations (we got married 4 months ago, so this is our first round of holidays) & a very small decorating budget. so, i found this tutorial here & we got to work! i didn't do a good job taking pictures throughout the process, but it came out so cute that i'm posting a slightly modified tutorial for how we did it. enjoy!

materials needed:
- 1 round styrofoam wreath
- 2 medium sized styrofoam balls
- 1 small styrofoam cone
- yellow paint for the nose/mouth/beak (whatever it is a turkey has!)
- brown paint for the eyes (you can really use whatever color you want!)
- 1 sheet of red foam paper
- 1-2 paintbrushes
- glue gun
- 4 toothpicks
- 1 roll of brown yarn
- tulle spools in red, yellow, & orange (we got 25 yards of each color)

step 1:
the first thing we did was wrap the yarn. we tied the yarn on the wreath and glued it down. then, we wrapped it around about 1/3 of the wreath. our yarn was pretty thin & this took a while to do. you want to make sure to wrap the yarn tight enough so the white wreath can't be seen, but it doesn't have to look perfect.

step 2:
while my husband worked diligently on wrapping the yarn (i gave him the worst part) - i painted the eyes & beak so they could be drying. i simply painted the entire cone yellow. for the eyes, i did my best to paint a brown circle on one side of the styrofoam balls, while leaving enough white for them to look like eyeballs.

step 3:
tying the tulle on was a little difficult to figure out at first, but we eventually got the hang of it. tulle is really thin, so to make your colors bright you want to use 5 pieces for each feather. we cut 5 pieces of the yellow about 15 inches in length each. we laid them on top of each other and folded it in thirds longways to make one long piece of bright yellow fabric. once we had the feather ready, we tied it onto the wreath using a square knot. (we think... we googled how to tie a square knot, and it's basically a double knot, but instead of switching sides you do left over right, then left over right again) you can really do whatever kind of knot you want... as long as it's secure and the two ends lay flat. once the knot is tied, you simply pull the tulle out to look like a feather. we alternated our colors yellow, orange, and red all the way around.

step 4:
once the body is done, all that's left is the turkey face! simply place 2 toothpicks in the beak and secure it into the middle of the brown section so it sticks out. for the eyes, stick 1 toothpick into each eyeball & secure them into the wreath above the beak so they are sticking up and looking forward.

step 5:
last thing - making the wattle! fold the foam paper in half, and just cut! the top part, where the fold is, will need to be skinny and long enough to fit over the beak. to cut the sides of the wattle, just cut an 8 without holes in the middle. glue the wattle over the nose, and ta da! your very own turkey wreath!

is this not the cutest wreath ever? have you made your own wreaths for the different seasons?

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