Friday, October 11, 2013

whole 30 // week 4

i finished (most of) whole 30 this week! we ended up not having a lot of time at home over the weekend and beginning of the week, so we ate out a few times trying to stay whole 30 compliant. & ate leftovers for lunch. i found out that i'm going on a business trip on Monday, so i won't be able to finish my full 30 days. this is my first business trip & with all of the unknowns about how meals will work i doubt i will be able to finish the full 30 days. that just means i will have to do it again! :)

this week has been a very busy week. my husband's grandfather has been in the hospital since Saturday, so we've gone up there 3 times this week & ate in their cafeteria. which mostly consisted of me getting roasted chicken, green beans, salad, and fruit. i could probably eat chicken every day and never get tired of it. (i pretty much do)

overall, i really enjoyed whole 30! it was challenging at times when i felt like i didn't have enough variety in recipes or things to eat. after some research though, we found some really cool recipes that we liked a lot. i definitely tried some foods i never would have tried before, like beets, and even though i didn't like some of them, it was a huge step for me to try them! (so i call that a success)

one thing i don't want to do is fall back into convenience over health now that whole 30 is over. we have already, because this week has been so busy, but i am more conscious of it now and am going to do my best to keep us on the right track. i felt the best that i have in a really long time while i did whole 30, and i want to keep that freshness i felt! after eating convenience food once, it made me feel unhealthy. so, me and the hubs are going to continue down the healthy track. we will eat whole 30 compliant as much as we can, and try to eat healthy for the non-compliant meals. (like meals that include grains and beans, which aren't allowed on whole 30)

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