Saturday, November 30, 2013

real talk // advent

advent: the arrival of a notable person. the arrival of Christ. waiting & preparation.

there are a lot of products that you can buy where you count down to Christmas. some of these have chocolates for each day leading up to Christmas, some have stickers you can place on each day, and some have numbered ornaments you can hang. there are tons of creative advent calendars out there.

but i wanted something more. i wanted something meaningful, but also decorative. i didn't want just 25 pieces of chocolate wrapped up to eat each day, although that certainly has it's appeal! i was on a search for something different, something Christ focused. i wanted something to constantly remind me of what the Christmas season is truly about.

then, a few weeks ago, Elizabeth at Oak + Oats posted about an advent calendar from Naptime Diaries that i just fell in love with! it was everything i had been searching for & more! so, i decided i must have it for our first Christmas together. & every Christmas after that! the great thing about the print advent calendar is that you can reuse it each year!

i've hung twine above our fireplace & hung up all of the prints! i love the twine & clothespin look & use every excuse to do it! we will take down one print each day & display it on the frame on our fireplace as we count down to the arrival of Christ. the really cool thing is that Naptime Diaries also gives you a 5 page PDF to use along with the prints. these pages include scripture, activities, & tips on how to use the advent calendar. so each night before we go to sleep, we will reflect on the print of the day & use the guide to make the most of this advent season.

tomorrow is the first day of advent & we will be driving back from our roadtrip most of the day. so, we've set up day one on our frame for when we get back tomorrow night! 

i am very excited about this awesome advent calendar & starting our own Christmas traditions!

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