Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY // Christmas Ribbon Wreath

this past weekend a friend & i had a craft night! we wanted to make something for Christmas, so we decided to make Christmas wreaths! i had a vision in my head for how i wanted to do my wreath, but when i started working i didn't think i had enough ribbon to do it, so i ended up doing something completely different. i like how it came out though with blue on both sides.

materials needed:
wreath (straw wreaths are inexpensive)
burlap (this was for my original vision)
different Christmas ribbon
glue gun
large bow
scissors (not pictured)

*note: i kept the wreath wrapped in plastic because i didn't want straw everywhere!

step 1: (optional) wrap the straw wreath in burlap. (my original vision was going to let some of the burlap show. i also had ribbon that was see through & i wanted to see burlap behind it rather than straw) glue the end of the burlap to the wreath & start wrapping. 

when you get to the end, glue the end of the burlap to the back of the wreath.

step 2: wrap the wreath with ribbon. you can alternate your colors however you like. (original vision was to have 3 alternating sections of ribbon and a burlap section in between) you could do big sections or smaller sections that repeat. glue the ribbon on just as you did the burlap.

step 3: once all the ribbon is on the wreath, glue your bow to the upper side of the wreath. left, right, or choose!

my friend did alternating sections of ribbon & i love the way hers came out. it reminds me of a candy cane.

what kind of wreaths do you make for Christmas?


  1. love how you are already working on your christmas crafts!

    1. :) it's our first Christmas, so i wanted to make a few things for us & once i get an idea i don't like to wait :)