Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY // wedding card book

way back when, i saw a very neat idea on Pinterest here - turn all of your wedding cards into a book! we've been married for 6 months now, & my wedding cards were still sitting in a box on top of our dresser. so this weekend i decided to make my dream a reality! (i have simple dreams) this really is such a great idea & so simple to do!

materials needed:
your wedding cards
a hole punch
cute ribbon

step 1: punch holes into the center of all your wedding cards! if you have smaller cards, punch a hole towards the top of the card. (this is the most time consuming part)

step 2: make card piles based on the varying sizes & decide how your book will be laid out. i put my biggest cards in the back, then worked my way to the smallest which are at the front of the book.

step 3: feed your ribbon through the holes. i fed the ribbon through both holes at the same time, a few cards at a time. if you only do the ribbon through one hole first, the second hole will be a nightmare to line up!

step 4: pull your ribbon tight enough to keep the cards together, but loose enough to flip through them like a book. tie a knot to secure the ribbon. then, tie a bow & you have your unique wedding card book!

what creative things have you done with your wedding cards?

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