Tuesday, November 26, 2013


i always joke that i record my life in pictures. but, it's not really a joke because it's true. i take pictures all the time & of everything. sometimes it gets on peoples nerves, but i love having pictures to document my life. one of the reasons i started this blog was to have something to look back on years down the road & reflect on memories. so, i've decided to start doing a week recap post & record my weeks in instagram pictures & highlights - aptly named "instaweek". each Tuesday (or most of them) i'll post my favorite instagram snapshots from the previous week. i'm excited because sometimes pictures can say so much more than our words! :)

disclaimer: you'd think someone who takes pictures all the time would have a really nice camera & know a little something about photography. but in my case, you'd be wrong. i don't take super awesome pictures, i just take real pictures that capture the moment. also, i take all of my pictures on my phone. all i'm saying is, you won't be super impressed by the photography skills. but, nonetheless, i still love sharing my life via photographs.

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highlights from my week:
-mini Christmas pillows from Target

-Andes mints - the taste of Christmas!

-enjoying a Clemson game from my company's suite

-advent calendar from Naptime Diaries

-got a head start on some Christmas crafts (DIY's to come)

-we found end tables on clearance & got them for our living room


  1. My husband gets mad at me because I want to document everything with pictures too... but you never know how neat it is to look back & see your life until you do it...

  2. it really is so, so neat! :) my husband used to hate pictures before we started dating, now he's worse than i am! i always joke & tell him i've created a monster!