Friday, November 08, 2013

love story // the honeymoon

if you missed love story: our wedding video! you can find it here.

the wedding is over & we are off to our week long honeymoon! our first night we stayed in a hotel in Charlotte near the airport. i was so excited we got to use our "Mr." and "Mrs." luggage tags!

Saturday morning we flew to Wyoming! for our honeymoon we went to Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park! we have both always wanted to go there, so we thought it would be an awesome honeymoon destination! we stayed in Jackon, Wyoming & it was a gorgeous little town!

it was my husband's first time flying & he hated it. to top it off, our plane couldn't land at the Jackson Hole airport because it was cloudy (the airport is surrounded by the Grand Tetons so there's only 2 ways you can land anyways) so they went to Idaho Falls, Idaho. we got off the plane and drove 2 hours to Jackson Hole.

this is our little cabin for the week. (we were originally in a room that was connected to another one. but the people beside us spoke another language & were really loud, so we upgraded to a separate cabin. best decision we made!)

there's a little park in the middle of the town that has arches made out of antlers at all 4 entrances. 

we came across some ground squirrels & fed them the leftover fries from lunch. we (i) seriously sat there for 20 minutes feeding these squirrels!

Grand Teton National Park is in between Jackson Hole & Yellowstone National Park, so we got to see these gorgeous mountains the whole week!

we went up to Yellowstone 3 out of the 6 days we were there! one day we were in the car for 13 hours because we drove all the way to the top of the park. it's so crazy how much the landscape changes while you're driving through the park. at the south side of the park, it is mainly forest. in the middle there are hills, geysers, and lots of wildlife. then towards the north side there are huge rock mountains, curvy roads, & hot springs at the top. 

we passed the continental divide about 6 times at different elevations.

this is probably the most gorgeous view you will ever see! oh, home on the range...

there was a wildlife museum near our resort, so one day we went to see the art!

this is the view from the parking lot of the wildlife art museum!

they folded our towels like they do on cruise ships!

there is literally a town named Moose.

we saw a few moose in the wild. it was really neat! i made all sorts of animal noises to make them look at the camera!

we saw wildlife almost everywhere we went. i love animals so this was really neat!

we saw a black bear the first day we went to Yellowstone. it looks really cool because the snow is still on the ground, so he stands out. right before i took the picture the bear was looking straight at us & the car behind us honked... so this is the best picture we got of the bear.

we also saw a full size grizzly while we were in Yellowstone! we watched him for about 10-15 minutes roam the hillside. it was so neat!

there were also tons of bison everywhere. this picture was in yellowstone, but they were all over the roads everywhere we went!

the hot springs at the top of the park are really cool looking!

there is also a Grand Canyon of Yellowstone & it was pretty impressive! i would love to see the real Grand Canyon after seeing this one!

there was a part of the park called "West Thumb" and i thought it would be hilarious to take a picture of our west (left) thumbs. i laugh at dumb things.

this is the Old Faithful Inn - it's a hotel near Old Faithful (surprise!) that is really famous.

we went around & walked inside the Inn. it was really awesome inside!

this is us in front of Ole Faithful as it is erupting!


the day we were in the car 13 hours and drove through the whole park, we didn't get back to our cabin until midnight. when we got out of the car, this little puppy walked up to us & followed us into our cabin. we called the number on the tag & it ended up being a puppy at a humane society that was being kept by a volunteer during the week. she was very happy to get the puppy back! (and i was happy to have a puppy to play with for an hour)

we saw a moose in the water when we were driving down a back road one day. we got a picture with it, but you can barely see it. it's to the right of Thomas's head. 

we watched the moose for about 20 minutes. 

we also found that famous barn on Mormon Row that is always in pictures of out west. so, we had to get a picture in front of it!

after the mishap of not being able to land at the Jackson Hole Airport on the way in, my husband convinced me to rent another car & drive to Salt Lake City our last night. our connection was at 8am in Salt Lake City the next morning. if we flew out of Jackson Hole, we would've had to get up at 4am. i'm not a fan of being awake at 4am, so i obliged. this picture is of our rental car at the Jackson Hole Airport. we have lots of pictures at this airport, but never actually flew in or out of it!

on the way to Salt Lake City, we drove out of Wyoming, through Idaho for 3 hours, then made it to Salt Lake City after 5 hours in the car. we went downtown for dinner that night & found a really cool outdoor shopping area. 

we had a really great time & loved Yellowstone! all of the views & wildlife are just amazing. the weather in May is great too! we are definitely planning to go back sometime in the future! maybe a 10th anniversary thing! :) 

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