Friday, November 01, 2013

real talk // a year later

this is how my Halloween was spent last year:

on October 26th i found out that i had an ovarian cyst & it was so large that they would have to do major surgery to remove it. (this being my first surgery, i asked the doctor if i would be able to go back to school & work the next week...ha!) on October 29th i went in for the surgery... the cyst was way bigger than the doctor thought (22 pounds & the size of a watermelon!) and had to make the cut bigger twice, so i have a 7 inch cut down my stomach. i was in the hospital until November 1st.

i think that my parents & fiancé at the time brought me candy, but i definitely couldn't stomach it. i don't think i ate any candy until a few weeks after Halloween. it was a very rough 2 weeks (and rough few months) after the surgery. at the time, i wasn't sure if i would be able to finish my classes & graduate on time (December 6th) or if we would have to push back the wedding. God was definitely watching over me & by His grace i was able to finish my classes at home & walk across the stage at my graduation. we also didn't have to push anything wedding related back (except engagement pictures)!

this is how my Halloween was spent this year:

we didn't dress up or hand out candy, we just had a date night!

here's why: we don't live in a neighborhood, our road is really curvy & dangerous, and our house is up a hill in the woods, so kids don't really come to our house. (i wouldn't send my kid to our house either) we don't have kids, so we can't go trick-or-treating with them. we've had something to do every day since i got back from Ohio, so we really needed a night together. & we had to work the next day so we didn't want to be out late. (lame? yes, but we need our sleep!)

needless to say, this Halloween was MUCH better! it's so amazing to look back over a year & see how far God has brought me. last Halloween i could barely stand up, let alone walk, without severe pain. this Halloween i ran 4.3 miles on my lunch break. through the surgery & recovery God gave me a peace about who He is... that He is the ultimate Healer, He is always faithful, and He loves me with a steadfast love. i am so very thankful for the marriage & health that God has blessed me with this past year!


  1. Oh wow--yeah, you've come a long way in a year and I bet you are so glad you have that surgery and ordeal far behind you!

    1. so, so glad!! i'm so glad i didn't know what i was about to go through at the time though! :)

  2. oh dear! a 22 lbs cyst?!? i cannot even imagine. how uncomfortable was that before you were able to get it removed?! so glad to see the way the Lord provided and took care of you!

    1. yes, it was crazy! luckily it didn't cause too much discomfort since it was mainly it just pushed all of my other organs out of the way...but towards the last few weeks before the surgery i felt it & had some pain. i still couldn't believe it was that big though!

      thanks so much girl! :)