Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY // Christmas Plate

remember that really awesome Christmas plate my coworker made me? well, i thought that was a super awesome gift to give someone, so i wanted to try my hand at it! unfortunately, i don't have a Cricut like she used to do my plate, so i had to work around that!

i think it came out cute for my first try & my friend Jenna seemed to like it. so, i wanted to share with you guys this incredibly easy gift idea! what i like about it is that they can use it every year as part of their Christmas decorations! plus, it's handmade so they will most likely think of you when they put it out each year! i love giving thoughtful gifts like that!

materials needed:

a white plate
decorative paper for the background
Christmas-y ribbons, stickers, cut outs, etc.
plate stand

i couldn't find a solid white plate, so i found an off-white plate with some light blue on it & it looked kinda snowman-ish to me!

step 1: cut out your background for the plate. 

 i tried to cut a circle with the chevron paper, but that didn't quite work out so i cut a square!
i also meant to go back & round the corners to make it look a little more "round".

step 2: decide how to arrange your "scene" on the plate & start gluing! 

step 3: if you have empty corners, add some ribbon to fill it out!
place your plate on the stand & voila! gift & decoration all in one!

what are some of your favorite gifts to make?


  1. too cute! I'm so not crafty, at all!

  2. thanks, Caroline! i'm not good at coming up with things to make, but i take ideas & go with them! :)

  3. such a fun idea, i'm putting this on my list of things for next year!

  4. also- this would probably be a huge pinterest hit :)

  5. Awww... It turned out adorable! :-)

  6. Aww! That turned out so cute, seriously! I love the way you made the tree!

  7. thanks, Rachel!! :) i'm thinking of making more next Christmas!

  8. thank you so much, Susannah!! :) i love doing cutesy stuff like this!

  9. thanks, Jennifer! it really was fun to make & i think it's a gift people appreciate too! :)