Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY // passport to fun


if you remember, my husband & i went on a roadtrip for our Christmas gift this year. however, we did do a small stocking for each other as well. we set a really small budget for it - so that meant being creative! i saw this idea & thought it would be a great thing to make for Thomas because [1] he hates flying, so we probably won't ever travel to all of these places, [2] it fits in a stocking, [3] i already own a printer, ink, & scissors - so it doesn't cost a thing, and [4] it's the gift that keeps on giving all year!

Thomas absolutely loved this gift & we are both super excited about our upcoming 12 dates this year! i had a lot of fun putting this together & would love to share the process!


materials needed:
color printer
color ink
printer paper
& a creative mind :)

step 1: choose which 12 places around the world you would like to "visit" & choose which day during each month this date will take place. then, add your details! you can do whatever you want to for these themed dates - be creative! some ideas would be to decorate the house with something that represents that culture, cook or buy dessert that is from that culture, watch a movie that's based in that country or culture, do an activity that's done in that country - the possibilities are endless! i created a list in Excel so i could keep everything straight. for each date, i included the month & day, the country, the food, the dessert, the movie, the activity, & the decor. 

step 2: create an itinerary based on your themed dates for each month of the year! choose which 12 places around the world you would like to "visit" & choose which day during each month this date will take place. i created my itinerary in Excel by inserting shapes for the headings. (i'm an accountant, so i pretty much do everything in Excel!) below is the template i created.

step 3: print out your plane tickets for each of the 12 places! i printed the tickets off at this website. i love this website because you can even change the airline name, which just makes it fun! for example, i was able to make our flight to France be with Air France! after i printed the tickets, i glued them to cardstock to make them a little more durable. you could also print them on cardstock if your printer can handle it!


step 4: if he's going to be flying around the world, he's going to need a passport, which you can print here! once you print the 3 pages, glue them together & fill out his information! then, find a picture & glue it on the inside page. i got lucky because my husband had just gotten his passport & i had his extra photo, so i just used that. 

step 5: what is a passport if you don't have a record of where you've been? you need passport stamps from all the places you'll be visiting & you can find those here! you may not find all of the places you want to visit on these stickers. a few of mine i had to google & i found similar looking "stamps" to print. if you have sticker paper, you can print these out as stickers. i just used regular paper & will glue into the book as we do each date!

step 6: make a tag to put with the gift explaining how it works. i made the "passport to fun" picture at the top of this post, printed that out, & wrote the explanation on the back.

i would love to include some of my themed date ideas, but my husband reads this blog & i don't want to spoil the fun :) instead, i'll do a post about a few of the dates afterwards! sound like a plan?

this really is a great gift that you could do for any occasion! & then have fun with it throughout the next year!

January - Paris, France
February - Tokyo, Japan
March - Dublin, Ireland
April - Mexico City, Mexico
May - London, England
June - Rome, Italy
July - Ghanzi, Botswana
August - Bangkok, Thailand
September - Athens, Greece
October - Munich, Germany
November - Moscow, Russia
December - Beijing, China


  1. What a fun idea!!!! I love this!

  2. thank you, Caroline!! it was so much fun to put together, so fun to see him open it, & i know it's gonna be fun to create the dates! :)

  3. what a fun and creative idea!!! i love this

  4. So cute! That definitely looks like an inexpensive way to get a taste of a bunch of different cultures! And dates are always fun!

  5. thanks, Amber! it was really fun to put together all of the pieces :) can't wait to get started on the dates!

  6. yes! i am so excited to experience a bit of 12 different cultures! :)

  7. I can't get over how creative and thoughtful this gift is. What an awesome idea! I can't wait to hear how they turn out!

  8. thanks, Jenny! it was so much fun to put together! :) i can't wait to share about some of the dates throughout the year! :)

  9. Adorable! What a terrific idea! Thank you for linking up at the Blog Strut Blog Hop! I can't wait to see what you link up next week! I would love for you to hop over anytime to and link up with the parties I co-host throughout the week!
    Have a terrific weekend!

  10. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA I'VE EVER SEEN! --> sorry for the all caps but I had to express my excitement! :) I'm pretty sure my husband is sick of me telling him all the places I want to visit (the list never ends), this is a much cheaper option, so I think he would love it. I'm totally doing this!

  11. haha! i'm so glad you love the idea!! my list never ends also & my husband hates flying so he's not really thrilled when i bring up places we have to fly to! but yes, this is a cheap option to hold off the travel fever, for a while!! if you do it, you'll have to let me know your ideas!!

  12. This is such a great idea and something fun to do with my dear hubby!!!
    love this!

  13. thanks!!! i was so excited to give this to him after putting it all together & wasn't quite sure what all of the dates would look like - now we are 1/2 way done and the dates have been SO much more fun than i imagined! this is the perfect date night idea!! :)

  14. I love this idea!!! I think I will plan it for my siblings as a New Years surprise! I might be emailing you for tips and I'll be stalking your monthly posts for ideas too! How did you decide on a date and a destination when you put the project togehter?

  15. oh that would be so much fun! :) haha stalk & email away!!!

    i picked destinations based on what i thought i could easily plan & places we'd actually love to go! i wanted enough diversity also so i didn't pick all places in Europe :) i tried to make the places make sense if they fit... like Ireland in March (St Pattys day) and Germany in October (Oktoberfest), etc. and then filled in the rest.

    the dates i decided by planning around holidays, birthdays, & things i knew we had to do. so i planned them on non-holiday weekends! :)