Monday, December 02, 2013

DIY // personalized gift wrap

confession: i've had most of our Christmas gifts bought since September, because i do things way ahead of time. (WAY ahead of time) but i generally shop for Christmas gifts all year round. i hate having to buy a bunch of gifts all at once & the stress that it brings. so, during the year, when i see something that just screams "dad" or "sister" or "husband" - that's my gift! i buy it, put it on the list, & stash it away until December! our budget likes this way a lot better, too! :) 

when it comes to wrapping gifts...normally my husband & i just throw everything into a bag, add some tissue paper, and call it a day. we mainly use bags because we keep all the bags we get, so we have about 60 bags for any occasion sitting in our closet. we also use bags because they are easy. but....i do love wrapping gifts! & actually, even when we put things in bags, i normally wrap the individual items! i don't trust people not to peek!

for Christmas this year i decided i was going to wrap all of the gifts and decorate them all similarly. i like a theme instead of a modge podge of wrapping paper designs. i've seen some pictures floating around pinterest with gifts using just an initial instead of a gift tag, and also using a picture instead of a gift tag. i thought both of these ideas were super cute, so i decided to combine them! since i already have my gifts bought, i thought i'd get a head start on wrapping them as well! 

materials needed:
kraft paper
brown cardstock (i used brown because i already had it, you can use any color)
old book pages
any random Christmas embellishments you wish to use (pictured above)

to make the initial:

step 1: cut out the letter you want to use from an old book page

step 2: glue the letter to brown cardstock & cut around the letter to make a nice border.

the gift wrap:

step 1:
wrap your gift in kraft paper

step 2: tape picture on top of the package (i taped instead of glued so they can keep it)

step 3: tape the initial on (i like the look of it overlapping one corner of the picture)

step 4: add Christmas embellishments to fill space

this is for my sister & brother in law - i used a picture from our wedding this year :)

so simple! so cute! & they can keep the picture and initial! so really, it's part of their gift!


  1. How cute!!! Also, I'm totally impressed that you do your Christmas shopping so early!!!

  2. I'm doing this this year too! I love your idea of putting pictures on the wrapping paper! Cute!

  3. i love this idea so much & i like how personal you can make each gift! i bet yours will come out fantastic!

  4. thanks :) i really can't help myself because i see such cute stuff throughout the year that i just have to buy it and put it up for Christmas! although i hate waiting to give the gifts!