Monday, December 09, 2013

DIY // snowmen hot choloate

i saw this idea here & i just knew i had to do this - great decoration & gift all in one! i've been trying to decide what to do for my coworkers this Christmas & this was the winner!

materials needed:
3 empty & cleaned baby food jars
strip of fabric
4 candy canes
2 hot chocolate packets
black & orange sharpie

step 1: use the black sharpie to color the tops on your baby food jars - the top jar will act as the hat.

step 2: fill the top jar with marshmallows (i used small jars for the head), the middle jar with hot chocolate packets, and the bottom jar with crushed candy canes.

step 3: once you have all the jars filled, decorate the top jar with a snowman face - using the orange sharpie for the carrot nose. & decorate the middle jar with buttons.

step 4: glue your jars on top of each other, and tie a fabric strip around the top of the middle jar for the scarf!

step 5: (optional) make a tag with instructions on how to make the hot chocolate.

once i figured out the first one, these were easy & quick to make! these were so much fun to hand out at work! plus, i liked them so much that i made a few extra to have around our house! :)

what's your favorite handmade Christmas gift to make?


  1. These are so adorable!! Great job! And hot chocolate is a very appropriate gift now that it's so freezing cold outdoors!

  2. That is the CUTEST!!!!!

  3. Oh my word! That is too cute!!! :-)

  4. thanks! :) they were so much fun to make!

  5. thank you, friend! :) i'm planning on making one for myself now since they turned out cute!

  6. thank you!! oh yes, hot chocolate is definitely a cold weather treat!!

  7. Robyn these are SO cute!! My daughter would have a blast making these with me! Thanks for sharing them!!

  8. i'm glad you think so! you & your daughter should definitely make these together! that would be such a fun thing to do!!! :)