Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY // Starbucks Ornament

my husband & i got Starbucks a lot when we took our road trip to DC last month. so, we had a lot of the cup sleeves in our car by the time we got home. we wanted a way to remember our trip, so we decided we would make an ornament out of one of our Starbucks sleeves from DC. you guys, i am all about some simple crafts & this is as simple as they come!

materials needed:
starbucks sleeve
plastic ornament from a craft store
paper shreds


step 1: cut out the part of the sleeve you want to use
step 2: stick into the ornament
step 3: fill the rest of the ornament with paper shreds

the only thing that's tricky is trying to keep the starbucks sleeve center & straight. i stuck a pen through the top of the ornament to hold it in place while i put the shreds in.

what ornaments have you made for your tree?


  1. oh my goodness that is adorable haha...i'm slightly addicted to Starbucks, there's one right next door to my work and I spend way to much money there haha. Cute idea!!!

  2. oh yes - we are addicted too! we spend wayyy too much money on coffee!
    thanks, Amber!

  3. this is so cute! i wanted to use these clear ornaments for some projects this christmas, but by the time i got my act together, all of the craft store were out of stock! guess i'll have to try again next year :)

  4. oh no!! you'll just have to stock up early this year!! ;)

  5. thanks, Caroline! :) it was fun to make one of the ornaments on our tree & always remember our first Christmas season as a married couple! :)

  6. what a cute idea - love how it turned out :)

    -- jackie @ jade and oak