Friday, December 27, 2013

farmhouse // the kitchen

the kitchen is the next room we will explore in our little farmhouse! it actually didn't change that much, we just got some awesome new appliances for our wedding & decorated a little more! 

here is a look at the kitchen before we got married - it was really clean & looked great! 

the main way the kitchen changed after we got married was inside of the cabinets that you can't see. it was very unorganized before because Thomas had so much stuff people had given him. so, once we got married we cleaned out the cabinets & organized them! 

[o1] one of my husband's groomsmen made us this wine rack for our wedding gift - we love it!
[o2] the sunflowers are the ones i used to do a mock bridesmaids bouquet, the crate we have recipe books in is what we used for the favors at our wedding, & we have some of our advice cards from the wedding hanging on the window!
[o3] we got the zebra wall art from Ross & we have extra appliances on the top of our fridge because we don't have a lot of counter space.
[o4] we got a nice rug for in front of the sink & a little green kettle for the stove!

[o1] the pictures were already hanging on the wall, but we got the coffee cup clock for our wedding
[o2] we got the spices, colorful knives, & crockpot as wedding gifts also!

we love our little kitchen & it looked so great before we didn't have to do much to it! we tried to display things, but be as efficient as possible with our counter space, too. 


  1. I drool... I want a kitchen makeover SO BAD!! Its been the source of arguments for the past few years with me & hubs :)

  2. Your kitchen is adorable! I love how you incorporated so much of your wedding into it - there are so many meaningful things to see everyday! {I had to try my hardest to ignore my ugly olive green kitchen cabinets as I read this post!}

  3. What lovely touches!! such an adorable kitchen space

  4. thanks, Jenny! :) i love using wedding stuff to decorate! aww lol - luckily the kitchen already looked great because we wouldn't have been able to afford to redo everything! i hope you get rid of your green cabinets :)

  5. i hope you get to make it over! maybe ya'll could do that for your "Christmas gift" to each other next year!

  6. And oh! I forgot: I'm giving "Bloglove Awards" to my favorite bloggers on my blog (12/31). You just might be one of the winners ;)