Tuesday, December 31, 2013


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highlights from my last two weeks:
-we made Elah Tree's pretzel rolos a few times to take to parties (so delicious!)

-we had both our families over to see the house, hang out, & eat!

-my mother in law gave us a Christmas pickle! my sister in law hid it in our tree & the first person to find it Christmas morning got to open the first gift! it was fun to start this new tradition & even more fun because i found it and got to open my gift first!

-i got my #greatChristmas2013 gift in the mail! & it is awesome! (stay tuned for a post revealing the goodies on January 7th!)

-it was our first Christmas as a married couple & it was a super special morning! we woke up & got to spend the morning having us time! we made breakfast, drank coffee, & enjoyed our first Christmas together! it was so nice to have some down time & just enjoy each other!

-Thomas came up with a great idea & we used one of the old windows from our house to build something together! full DIY post will be posted on friday!

-laying on the couch next to the tree watching Christmas movies!

-handing out all of our gifts to our family on Christmas! we made a lot of our gifts so we were super excited to hand them out!

-meeting at the mistletoe :)

-after all the hustle & bustle of Christmas, the husband & i took the weekend off & rested! it was definitely well needed!

how was your Christmas?

p.s. i've only been blogging for a few months, so i don't have an awesome blog year in review. i do, however, have a year in review post about my life - you can find it here!

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