Friday, January 17, 2014

coffee date

today i'm linking up with Kiki @ In Its Time & Amy @ Taking Steps Home to go on a virtual coffee date!

1. Where are you seated (near the counter, near the window, near the door, against the wall, etc.)? 
i love being cozy & in true introvert fashion, i'm seated at a table in the corner. i've chosen the table that is near the window surrounded by exposed brick. since i find staring into someone's eyes a tad awkward, i like to glance out the window and people watch occasionally during the conversation.

2. What are you sipping/munching on?
well, if we are at Starbucks & they still have some of their holiday drinks left, Pumpkin Spice Latte is my drink of choice. it's the right balance of sugar & espresso. (even in my virtual world i'm living by my word of the year - balance! i am committed!) if not, i will be drinking my coffee black - true to my name! if i'm having a non-coffee drink then it is a chai latte, hands down!

3. What do you want to get off your chest first (can be as deep as you want)?
my word to live by for this year is balance. yet, it's already 3 weeks into 2014 & i feel anything but balanced. i know it is going to take a lot longer than 3 weeks, but i am so ready for life to just settle down a little bit. i make plans & then life interrupts them... and i feel like i can't get things done. lately, i'm asking God for patience & flexibility because the older i'm getting, i'm noticing that i'm less patient & less flexible. i think the real issue is that i feel the overwhelming need to appear & feel "put together" (whatever that means, anyways!) instead, i just need to embrace the messy part of life, learn to laugh at myself, learn to admit when i'm wrong, & be more vulnerable.

4. If you could choose anyone (besides us of course) who would you have a coffee with?
that is a very tough question. my first date with my husband was at a coffee shop. it was the first time i tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte & it was so nice to just sit down and catch up on life. a lot of times when we get coffee, we go through the drive through & take it home. but every now & then, we'll sit down and enjoy the coffee together without the distractions that your own house brings. it's very relaxing, cozy, & refreshing. that's what i enjoy about coffee dates, so anyone who would enjoy that too, come along! :)

5. What is inspiring you lately? 
honestly, i have been very inspired by the blogging world. i love reading & discovering the girls behind the blogs i read. i love seeing projects you guys are working on, reading advice you have and what you're learning, and the adventures being had through everyday life. reading blogs is what inspired me to start blogging & inspires me to continue on this fun journey!

6. What are your plans after coffee? 
i am headed to work! then after work the hubs & i are packing up because he's accompanying me on my business trip next week & we are heading up on Saturday to have some adventures before the work week starts!



  1. I'm with you--blogging is so inspiring! Happy weekending, friend!

  2. Blogging is incredibly, incredibly, incredibly inspiring. It's one of the biggest reasons why I love it so much and am so blessed to be a part of! :)

    And I get what you mean about balance. I've struggled a lot with balance--whether it be my time, my social life, my need for introvert/alone/quiet time, and the like. But if you ask me, as long as you have it on your mind and don't stress too much about it, you're balancing. :) But maybe I just wrote all those words for me... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for joining us!

  3. Have so much fun on your {very cold} adventures!

  4. I love pumpkin spiced latte too, though my keurig makes it crazy strong I need to find a way to tone it down! Happy weekend!!
    Lauren of

  5. I am so glad you were inspired to start a blog! it is a fun place isn't it?!!

  6. it really is!! hope you had a great weekend!! :)

  7. thank you, friend!! :) it is supposed to be 7 degrees today! brrr!!

  8. it really is!! :) thanks for hosting this link up! it was so much fun & i loved reading everyone elses answers!!

    that's true! not every aspect of life has to be in balance for my soul to be balanced! i need to remember that :) thanks for the encouragement!!

  9. mmm keurig PSL sounds amazing! although i'm with you - sometimes those k cups make a strong cup-o-joe! :) hope you had a great weekend!!

  10. it really is such a fun & magical world in itself! :) so glad i found your blog!!