Tuesday, January 14, 2014


last week i participated in the Christmas Exchange link up & didn't do an instaweek post... so that means i've got quite a bit to catch you up on!

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highlights of the past few weeks:
- making a coffee table out of an old window from our house! (full DIY here)

- one of our dogs stayed with my sister in law for a week, & the basset hound did not do well by herself, so she took over our bed!

- walks with my husband at the lake! i love that black swan!

- my friend Jenna gave me an adorable "Robin" owl ornament from the owl shoppe

- i chose balance as my word to live by for 2014

- my aunt & uncle gave us sunflower silicone lids for bowls & coffee cups for Christmas. these things are so neat! not only are they super cute, but they keep the bowl air tight & suction so you can actually pick up the entire pot by the lid handle! & i use the coffee cup one all day long at work!

- my stickygram magnets came in & they are so, so cute!

#greatchristmas2013 goodies were revealed! it was so much fun seeing what everyone got!

- our first Passport to Fun date was this weekend. we went to Paris, France! full post with pictures to come!

- my husband & i started whole30 yesterday (one of the items on my 30 x 30 list)
-also, yesterday i found out that i have to go on a business trip next week. a lady i work with put in her notice, so they are shifting around some work & that means i have to travel up north to train on more work! i'm hoping there's no ice on the roads while i'm there! i do have some awesome posts coming your way next week though! :)


  1. I can't wait to hear how the whole 30 goes!!! Hope it's great!

  2. I love following you on instagram!

  3. those sticky instagram pics are awesome! I also think the coffee table is really pretty!

  4. I love those instagram magnets!! Those are the best kind of personalized magnets, and very modern and current, too!

  5. thanks, Caroline! i'm excited to be doing it with my husband this time around! :)

  6. i love that you have an instagram now!!! it's so fun keeping up with people via cute pictures!

  7. they are so cute & make our fridge look pretty rad! :) thanks so much, we love our coffee table!

  8. thanks, Rachel!! our fridge looks so much better donning them! :) plus i love that we have current & personalized magnets! :) you should get some too!!