Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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highlights from my last few weeks:
- we are adding color to our coffee table one hobby lobby giftcard at a time!

- i made the frame for my giveaway winner - Kai! (it's in the mail to you!)

- on January 16th we finally took our Christmas tree down. (and we may have only done it because we were going out of town....)

- we went up a day early for my business trip & did some sight seeing! behind us under all of that snow is Lake Erie!

- we also hung out in downtown Cleveland

- i got sick the first night of the business trip & watched Harry Potter to feel better. this always results in funny conversations with my husband because, sadly, he just doesn't get HP!

- our car got covered in brine from the roads up there

- while in Cleveland, we visited (the lobby of) the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame while looking for a public restroom. (we did find one, by the way)

- i worked from home the day after i got back & the dogs didn't understand why i couldn't play with them

- after getting back from the business trip, T & i started our whole 30 over & are excited about it!!


  1. Aaaw! Your dogs are cutie pies!

  2. Just found your blog through the hop! Are you an Ohio girl? Since you drove to Cleveland for your trip I assume you aren't too far away :) I grew up on the west side, but currently live in central Ohio.

  3. What a fun business trip. Also - I'm probably worse than your husband when it comes to HP. I've never read the books or seen the movies ... GASP! =)

  4. Harry Potter always makes me feel better!

  5. thank you, friend!!! we are definitely loving it!

  6. it was pretty fun!! haha well HP isn't for everyone! :) i've gotten him to at least watch the movies!

  7. I'm such a huge fan of your coffee table!!! its so cute

  8. i am so excited for you to get it!!! :)

  9. thank you so much, sweet Caroline!

  10. thank you, friend!! we love our dogs!

  11. thanks for stopping in, Vanessa!! i'm actually a South Carolina girl & we drove all the way up there if you can believe that! (my husband is deathly afraid of flying) i've been to Ohio three times now (Cincinnati, Canton, & Cleveland) & absolutely love it though!!

  12. yay, im so excited!! thank you! i'll let you know when it comes :)