Thursday, January 16, 2014

throwback thursday // permanence

>> there are some posts from way back when i first started the blog that i'd like to highlight. so, i'm reposting some of them & i'm calling it throwback thursday! this post was originally written January 17, 2013 - again almost exactly a year ago! enjoy! <<

I was thinking about our culture, and just how life works in general.

Our culture doesn't look at anything as permanent anymore. In the business world, people change jobs about every 5 years, and typically change companies a few different times during their career. People typically live in a few different houses during their adult life. Some people live in different states every few years. Increasingly more people have more than one marriage in their adult life. Our culture is that we are always changing - nothing is consistent. I think maybe that's why our culture can't understand God. They say the Bible is no longer relevant because our culture is always changing & the Bible is outdated.

Then I started thinking about my life, and how life works in general for most people. You grow up going to school. You go to Elementary school for a few years, and then you change to Middle school. You go there for a few years, and then you change to High school. You go there for a few years, and then you change to college or straight into a career. You even change careers or career direction a few times. When you're in college, you move in for a few months, then move back home - 8 times if you go for a full 4 years. During the summers you take trips, and then you have to come back home. For me, I lived in Alaska for 3 months, and then came back home.

Marriage is permanent. It's not only a commitment, but a covenant. It's a covenant you make to God, your partner, and yourself. That you are in it for good. I think the reason a lot of marriages fail, is because people count on love being a feeling, an emotion, instead of a choice you make. And I don't doubt that marriage is hard, and some things are just tough to get through and take a lot of time. But emotions and feelings aren't what gets you through those times. So I think when people count on love as an emotion, eventually it wears away, as all things do. That "honeymoon" stage dies down, and reality is left. The mess of marriage of two sinners. But choosing everyday to love someone despite how you feel, because that's the way Christ loves us - that's how marriage lasts. I know this with my head, and I hope to use the knowledge everyday during my marriage to T.

Marriage is probably the most permanent thing I will do in my life. Unless you want to count being a parent. But even with parenting, your child lives with you for about 18 years, and then they move out(if you're lucky). Everything is temporary. Everything but marriage. It's so exciting and yet so different from anything I've ever done in my life.

Thinking about changing my name to Robyn B & never being Robyn P again. Thinking about moving into a house with my husband, and never living with parents or friends again. Thinking about being a wife, and never being single, a girlfriend, or a fiance again. It's all so different. Something I'm very excited about, yet also something very hard to wrap my mind around, because I've never experienced anything like it before.

I can't wait for this adventure! (4 months exactly from today!)

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  1. so fun! Love the idea of the repost!

  2. I love reading these posts from before you were married! You're right - marriage is perminent and, hopefully, it's the best perminent thing ever! :-)

  3. thanks, friend! :) i love reading back over these thoughts i had before marriage! :) it is the best permanent thing!!! :)

  4. it's fun digging back through the very first posts on my blog!! :)

  5. This is very true that very few things in this world can be seen as being permanent--but some things are more permanent than many realize!

  6. that is very true as well, Rachel!!!