Tuesday, February 04, 2014


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highlights from my week:
-i got this adorable tape dispenser from Office Depot for my desk at work! i love it!

-we got snow at our house! i love all of the pops of red!!

-almond butter is my favorite whole 30 snack!

-i won this devotional in Mrs. K's giveaway & i can't wait to start it!!

-my husband cooked some delicious salmon & garlic asparagus!

-i had to work 13 hours friday & over the weekend - so i broke out the good stuff: harney & sons tea!

-i got these awesome nail colors in my julep box! use code FREEBOX for, well, a free box! :)

-we made it to day 7 of whole 30 and celebrated with steak!

-Greg the groundhog said happy groundhog day on Sunday! i'm ready for this little furball to make an appearance in our yard again!

-work has been crazy busy so i am already ready for the weekend!

how has your week been?


  1. i got those same colors in my julep box! i love it :) i'm going to be skipping months often because i definitely DON'T need 3 new nail polishes every month, but i love the nail polishes i have received!

  2. Isn't almond butter the best!? Love the tape dispenser too!

  3. it really is!!! i wasn't sure how i would like it but i love the stuff!
    thanks :) i just had to buy it when i saw it!! cutest thing ever!

  4. they are so, so fun!!! :) yeah same here - i am set for a while now! :)