Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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last weekend/week was the longest of my life! they are making some changes with payroll (that i just learned how to do on my business trip 2 weeks ago) and i had to close out the month of January...let's just say it wasn't pretty. friday (Jan 31) i worked from 8-6 at the office without a lunch. then came home and worked until 10:30. worked a little bit Saturday morning and then worked for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. Monday through Wednesday was close for the month of January - i took my computer home Monday & Tuesday night to work some more at night. then Wednesday i got home at 6:30 and was asleep by 7. my husband woke me up at 8 to eat dinner, but i couldn't even stay awake to eat. so i fell back asleep and slept until 6am the next morning. that is ELEVEN hours! i don't think i have ever been so exhausted! (so there's a little peek into accounting life for ya!)

i normally post a picture every day on instagram because i'm a little obsessed, but my instagram feed was pretty much crickets until Thursday! 

highlights from my week:
-we did manage to take the rest of our Christmas decorations down around the house. we haven't packed them up yet, but we've at least relocated them all to one spot - the dining room table! (we are so lazy this year)

-my basset loves to snuggle sometimes & she will wrap her arms around my arm - it is so adorable!

-Saturday we had a date night for the first time in a few weeks thanks to my crazy work schedule & business trip! 

-on said date night we went for a walk & i just love that pretty sky!

-i discovered a new salad at Panera that i am in love with! it's called chicken cobb with avocado & it is super delicious! with some tweaking it's whole 30 approved too!

-for some reason i obsessively take pictures of our food - here is dinner from last night! it's called chicken & veggie crockpot goodness and it's actually a recipe from way back when on Beth's blog that i had saved to my computer & it's one of my favorite dishes! we cook it on Mondays and then i have it for lunch for the week! 


  1. oh my gosh - that close out sounds like a nightmare! i would have become SO HANGRY if i wasn't able to eat anything ahahha.
    yay for walks, that delicious looking salad, and uh that dinner looks divine!
    hopeully this week is a slower pace for you!

  2. Hey, at least you're making progress on the CHristmas decor! :)

  3. it was so crazy!! i do corporate level accounting in the "general ledger" department....which basically means we do everything! i don't do the actual payroll, but i do the accounting for the payroll! :)
    i feel crazy sometimes taking pictures of food & i think i embarrass my husband but it is so fun!!

  4. What a crazy work week. What exactly type of accounting do you do? Payroll? I also take pictures of my food ... it's kind of crazy but fun!

  5. hahahaha i get hangry too & the struggle is real!! thank you much, friend! i hope you have a great week as well!!