Tuesday, February 18, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- it snowed & we took some pictures at a mill near our house - so pretty!

- cuddling with the dogs near the heater! 

- this lovely necklace arriving in the mail from Milk + Crown! she is rebranding & having a 40% off sale on everything in her shop! this necklace is gone, but there's a similar one here

- the dogs loved playing out in the snow... for a short while at least! our basset had enough after 5 minutes & the sheltie loved catching snow balls in her mouth! 

- i had to work from home while the office was closed, but during lunch one day me & my husband made a snowman and this awesome little SNOW PENGUIN!

- friday we had to go back in to the office so we parked our car down at the end of our driveway so we could get out. we basically had to ice skate down our solid ice driveway to get to our car! it was an adventurous start to the day!

- my favorite thing about giving gifts is wrapping them! i love adding fun pictures & embellishments to gifts! this past Christmas Beka at Sunshine to the Square Inch shared her washi tape wrapping paper & since then i've been incorporating that idea into my wrapping!

- we each gave each other a small gift for Valentines since we don't do a big dinner or anything. i gave Thomas this book (Matt Chandler - To live is Christ, To die is gain) & he got me this stylish burlap SC flag for our yard!

- this past weekend i got some mail from The Happy Cactus - this lip gloss holder keychain being part of it & it has come in so handy!! 

- Saturday Thomas & i went thrift store shopping as one of our 52 dates for the year! it was so much fun & i got this comfy Gap sweater for $5! favorite find! we also found a silver creamer dish made in the 1800s which was pretty neat! 

how was your week & weekend? how about your valentine's day? :)


  1. that snow penguin is so happy - make sure you get lots more pictures before he melts away :) and that necklace is gorgeous - great find!

  2. thanks friend!! :) it was so much fun to create!

  3. ha! of course! :) i loved creating a penguin of snow!!
    i agree - she makes some awesome jewelry!!

  4. that snow penguin!!! oh my GOSH!!!!

  5. :) it was so much fun to make! turned out to be a cute little thing!!