Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- doodling some of my favorite quotes during lunch! this one is an Elisabeth Elliot quote "God has promised to supply all our needs, what we don't have now, we don't need now." so good.

- we obviously had a dog filled week! Dixie has mastered the beg. she also started her own blog! follow along with her here!

- one of our 52 dates in 52 weeks was to go to an animal shelter - so we went to the humane society & played with puppies! it was glorious!

- we took the dogs on a walk this weekend at a park near our house. the basset never really learned to walk on a leash, so we are teaching her!

- Sunday lunch with my family & playing with the nephew

- this awesome spring time weather! i am so ready for this weather every day & more daylight!

favorite reads:
the idol of comfort | Wonderfully Complex
remember the good | In Its Time

how was your week?


  1. Every dog needs its own blog and yours is so cute! Thanks for featuring my post!

  2. I need your handwriting, please :)

  3. That is a great quote! I love the story of the Jim Elliot and his wife! This is random but my brother is a pilot and his wife is an aviator (both in the Navy) and they named their son Elliot in honor of Jim Elliot. I think it's super special.

    How do you go to a shelter without bringing one home? I couldn't do it. AND I still crack up when I see your dogs scowling begging face. So funny and cute!

  4. I love your doodle, it's super cute. Do you sell prints?

  5. thanks so much, Alli! :)
    i don't have a shop or anything, but if you'd like one made just email me at mrs.robynblack@gmail.com & we can work out the details! :)

  6. ahh aren't they so inspiring? i have "through the gates of splendor" on my books to read list and am super excited about it!
    that is so cool about your brother's son!!! that is super special! :)

    i honestly don't know how we didn't bring a puppy home! :) probably because our two dogs are too much to handle sometimes so that's cured us! but i would LOVE a puppy around the house!

    haha that picture makes me laugh too! she really does look like she has a scowl on her face!

  7. haha! :) i practice at copying fun fonts that i see! (life of a nerd lol)

  8. thanks so much! my dad is constantly asking me "what's Dixie doing?" cause he misses her - so i created a blog so he can keep up with her lol :)

  9. That Elizabeth Elliot quote is so good.

  10. so, so good! she is such a wise woman!!

  11. 52 dates in 52 weeks-- what a great idea! Also, doodling is my favorite way to take notes and write verses! So much fun, so much cuter!

  12. thank you, Amy! it has been super fun so far just picking out a different date each week! :)
    doodling does make it so much cuter! :)