Thursday, February 13, 2014

throwback thursday // preparing for marriage

>> there are some posts from way back when i first started the blog that i'd like to highlight. so, i'm reposting some of them & i'm calling it throwback thursday! this post was originally written January 31, 2013. enjoy! <<

"Most people spend more time preparing for their wedding, than their marriage."

I heard this said the other day. I don't want that to be true for us.

Being in the process of planning a wedding, I understand that it is a lot of details...TONS of details and tons of preparation. You have to get certain things done at certain times - it's a lot!

Yet, how many more details/preparation/attention should we give to starting off our marriage? A wedding is only one day - not even a full day, at that. Yet a marriage is for the rest of your life. And a marriage has messier and more time consuming details than a wedding. Even more reason to start preparing early & preparing as much as you can before getting married. It's a good challenge!

The preparation isn't only us as a couple either. Preparation extends to my relationship with God, my future spouse's relationship with God, both of us dealing with our own pasts and working through things that hinder our view of a Biblical relationships, our relationships with our families, preparing our individual minds to see things through a lens of "us", preparing ourselves on dealing with money, etc.


  1. This is so true! I try to always pass this advice on to newly engaged couples. As beautiful as our wedding was, I want our marriage to be even more beautiful and that takes preparation and work. :)

  2. Yes! It's so important to prepare for marriages! Far too many people just plan out a wedding but don't think about their marriage!

  3. My wise friend in Korea told me "spend more time getting ready for your marriage than for your wedding, which will only last a day". She was so right!

    I did date long distance and that gave me time to prepare for marriage. There were some super godly women in Korea and I met with them and got some advice on marriage from them. I called it 'life as a wife' advice. It's been some of the most helpful information I have received and I'm so thankful for it.

  4. those are wise, wise words!! :) life as a wife advice!! love that! :) that's so awesome that you had great wise women to learn from!

  5. you are so right! it's seeming to be more & more the norm.... and where the focus shifts to! but there is a balance! :)

  6. exactly!! thanks for your input, Rach!! :) i try to tell my engaged friends this advice also because i know how much of a struggle it was! it's so much more fun to plan the wedding, but hard work is part of marriage/life & good to start habits at the beginning! :)