Monday, February 10, 2014

whole 30 // turkey sausages

we are on day 16 of our whole 30! i love turkey sausage & homemade always taste better! we make these for a quick & delicious breakfast or even a snack at night. this recipe makes about 26 sausages, so we freeze them & then just stick them in the microwave while we're getting ready for work in the morning. we eat them by themselves or in scrambled eggs. they're really simple - you just add spices, roll up, & stick in the oven!

2 tsp ginger
3 tsp salt
3 tsp sage
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
4 tsp black pepper
3 lbs ground turkey

o1 // combine all the seasonings in a small bowl
o2 // mix seasonings and ground turkey well
o3 // form into patties & place on baking sheet
o4 // bake on 350 for 30 minutes or until no longer pink inside

do you make your own sausage? what's your favorite kind of sausage?


  1. I am so impressed that you are already on day 16! Way to go. I'm going to try to talk Daniel into this idea, but I'm going to need lots of examples of good food he can eat instead of his usual cereal and pizza. I think he'd be good with this breakfast. :)

  2. This looks for reals good! And easy enough to try. I love sausage and turkey bacon... so this is kind of like the best of both worlds!

  3. turkey sausage is so oddly delicious. i mean, i never think it's what i should make for dinner, but then i do it and wonder why i'm not eating it every.single.week. will definitely pull this recipe up next time i'm making it :)

  4. I never thought about making your own sausage. I'd probably use beef but I bet it would be just as good. Good job on getting to day 16! How are you feeling with the whole 30?

  5. i never knew it was so easy to make homemade sausage!! but it really is! i bet it would be good if you used beef too! if you try it, let me know!!

    thanks!! it's hard to believe we are already past the halfway mark!! it's been going well so far! the second week is the hardest i think! we've felt a little more tired than normal (your body normally gets energy from carbs) but other than that we have felt great!! we've both lost some weight & can definitely tell it's making our bodies feel better!

  6. thank you, friend!! it's gone by fast, but also slow at the same time! yes, this breakfast doesn't even feel like you're eating healthy! ha!

  7. it is so easy!! it really is the best of both worlds :) i can't eat regular sausage/bacon anymore now that i'm hooked on the turkey versions!!

  8. isn't it though?! i love it better than regular sausage & i could seriously eat it for every meal! :)