Tuesday, March 04, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- well, we finished our whole 30! and i couldn't be more proud of my husband for doing it with me! our last official whole 30 meal was ginger beef & broccoli. but we are continuing with whole 30 meals as much as we can!

- i loved the print so much that i got some be brave note cards from Megan's shop to send some fun mail! they are the perfect card to encourage someone with & they fit perfectly in my chevron envelopes! what's not to love, really!

- i am so in love with this spring weather & these shoes! although they are calling for snow this Thursday, i am really hoping that it doesn't happen! sorry winter, i want my spring back!

- Thomas & i are steadily making our way through 52 dates in 52 weeks! since i've been working a lot the past few months we are a little behind. so we played catch up this weekend! :)

- we had a surprise birthday party for my mother in law on Saturday night! my sister in law & grandma in law (is that a thing?) pulled it off stupendously & it was a lot of fun!

- my mother in law also got a puppy for her birthday & we got to play with him on Sunday night! he's a pomeranian-poodle-chihuahua mix & it's called a pomapoochi! he's 8 weeks old and so tiny & cute!

favorite reads:
the loneliness in trying | Simple Moments Stick
in a funk: things to remember | Sarah Ann Rogers

how was your week?


  1. Awww... Thanks so much for giving my post a shoutout! It really means so much that it impacted people!

  2. Girl, I don't think I have wanted anything more than I want Spring right now! Ugh. And good for you for the 52 dates thing! I may need to look into that.

  3. Just got off my snowday from the storm that's heading your way! If it hasn't lost any force then you need to take cover! I never knew "thunder sleet" was such a thing. And cake pops? Sounds like I need to be at your house right now!

  4. thank you! i think they are my favorite! :)

  5. thank ya!!!! i love them! AND YES PLEASE CAN WINTER JUST STOP!

  6. you are so welcome! thank you for writing it! :)

  7. i hear ya!!! spring is coming - i can feel it! :)
    we have been having so much fun with the 52 dates thing! :)

  8. oh no!!! i really hope it's lost some steam!! i only heard about thunder snow/sleet a few years ago when it did it here - not fun!!
    cake pops are so amazing! you should treat yourself to one after you rock whole 30! :)

  9. those shoes are adorable!! i cannot wait for this winter TO BE OVER!