Monday, March 31, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- i got some happy mail from Gina who i met via the snail mail collective! i love getting random & fun things in my mailbox!
- my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law both have puppies that are 6 months apart (i think!) and they had a puppy play date the other day. it's funny because one is a springer spaniel & huge and the other one (pictured) is a poma-poochie and so tiny!
- speaking of happy mail, i got my first Darby Smart box in the mail a few weeks ago and Thomas & i had so much fun woodburning our own cutting board! read all about how awesome Darby Smart is here!
- we have 2 acres of land which has lots of trees on it, but also a field towards the back that's in the middle of the trees. Thomas recently cut the field so we took our dogs out there to play & they LOVED it!

i've been working most of the weekend. tomorrow is D Day at work - we go live with our new system, new chart of accounts, and new legal entity set up. so my work life is about to get super busy! i love blogging because for me it is REST. it helps me to process life & think through things & share things & just feel rested. but things may be a little more quiet around here over the next month or two. not stagnant, just a bit more quiet! :)

favorite reads:
Speak Life | Oak + Oats
the simplified series: stress | Our Yellow Door
whole 30: expectations vs reality | Wonderfully Complex

how was your week?


  1. Wishing you the best during this busy season of life! And still in love with that cutting board!

  2. I love that cutting board! That is so neat.

  3. 2acres! Lucky duck! So jealous of your home, enjoy all the space you have!

  4. thank you so much Jenny! :) this week has been so exhausting already, but luckily my husband has been keeping up with the cooking & cleaning!
    ahh we love the cutting board too! i should have made you a TN one for your birthday!! :)

  5. thanks Jenna!! i LOVED the DIY box & we are loving the cutting board so much!

  6. ha, thanks Danica! my husband lucked out on finding that much land early on! our house is pretty small, so it's nice to have the extra yard space!