Monday, April 14, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- i love living in the country & all the gorgeous views that come along with it! there is a farm just down the road from us that has such pretty land & livestock!

- we are working on coming up with a plan to prep as many meals as we can for each week. with a busy schedule, it's easy to just pick something up because we don't get home until late and don't feel like cooking. however, our budget & bodies don't like that. so we've started prepping healthy meals for lunch & dinner that we can just grab & go!

- have you ever thought about how small the Bible is in comparison to the magnitude of truth & life that is found in its pages? it's astounding how such a small book has the power to change lives drastically! it's almost like there is something supernatural going on! ;)

- saturday we went to a college campus near our house that has a huge lake with ducks, turtles, and swans. we took some bread and fed the animals and it was fun! we found these pretty ducks and they kinda look like turkeys so we called them turkey ducks!

- our church plant was one small group that was pretty large - so we multiplied into 3 groups this past week. before, the small group was on wednesdays and it was very hard for us to make it with me working over a lot. now that we have 3, there is one that meets on Sunday nights! we had our first Sunday night small group last night & we are excited to get plugged in again!

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favorite reads:
Affirming vs Comparing | Lovely Does It
Through sickness & health | Aslan's Adventure
[this article has a very balanced look at working moms & stay at home moms! as a woman who plans to have a full time job even after we have children, i really appreciated this!]

how was your week?


  1. Sounds like a great week! Isn't it incredible how much truth is held in such a relatively small book? It's a powerful thought.

  2. I love that it is so green where you live! Thankfully all our snow is gone here but everything is still all brown, I can't wait for the new growth to spring up!

  3. It's such a good idea to plan meals ahead. I really need to do the same! It would make life so much easier. :)

  4. Amen about God's word! What a blessing it is!

  5. I love that you can experience the farm life! I miss being able to drive in the country!

  6. sometimes i do wish i lived closer to a bigger city, but i do love the country :)

  7. it astounds me everything i think about it! :)

  8. i wish i would've started doing this sooner! it has made weeknights a breeze & i love that my lunch is already packed!! :) i may do a whole post on this sometime!!

  9. it is SO incredible!!! literally blows my mind & astounds me each time i think about it! our God is so powerful!!

  10. thanks Chantel! :) i am definitely ready for spring so it's been nice!!! at least all the snow is gone - that's the first step towards green!!! :)

  11. I spoke too soon. Is snowed yesterday and everything is white again. :)

  12. Well you've inspired me! I really need to get it together. ;)