Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY // Mini Terrariums

you may remember me discussing Darby Smart and their awesome DIY kits before. well, my husband got me their mini magnetic terrarium kit & we had so much fun creating them! we also got this same kit for my sister in law for her birthday because she is crafty & we thought she would love it! these are so cute but also so simple to put together! plus all of the materials can all easily be found at a craft store, with the exception of the air plants!

materials needed

 open faced magnetic tins | plastic film | white gravel | moss | air plants | super glue


step 1 | trace the outside of the lid on the plastic film and cut out a circle. make sure it fits inside the lid and if it doesn't, trim until it does. cut the circle in half and glue into the lid.

step 2 | place rocks, moss, and air plants into the tin however you like!

step 3 | enjoy cute mini terrariums all around your house!

do you have terrariums or small plants around your house?


  1. OK - that is the coolest!!!! My grandsons would love that!!!

  2. I love that! What a cool little addition to a fridge or anywhere magnetic :)

  3. Thank you for reminding me that Darby Smart exists and that I should purchase something crafty from them right away! hahha
    Your terrariums look fantastic and hardy enough to survive my care :)

  4. Love these and LOVE airplants!

  5. i love them so much! every time i walk into my house and see them on the fridge it is just a little happy part of my day! :) they are so cute!

  6. yes! i wasn't sure how i would like them at first but i LOVE them!

  7. yes! you most definitely should! :) they are the NEATEST company!!! haha yes i hate taking care of plants so these are perfect! you spray them once a week with some water and that's it!

  8. so fun! and even better that you don't really have to take care of them! :)

  9. thanks Casey!!! i had never heard of airplants before but they are right up my alley! :)