Tuesday, May 06, 2014

fiction // "Caught in the Act"

i used to write a lot. poems. poem-ish prose. short stories. but somewhere along the way it felt like i had nothing left to write. and i stopped. this one just kinda came to me. i don't know if i will post any other fiction on this blog or not. but i felt this one was kinda fun. so here goes nothing!

my hand is trembling. but i so badly need it to be still. i've got to hurry before anyone sees. half of me can't believe i'm doing this at work. but half of me feels it needs to be done. it needs to be shared with the world.

i hear footsteps. they're getting closer. my hand is trembling harder. my heart is beating so fast. the footsteps stop. they turn the other way. i exhale in relief. that was a close call. 

what would happen if my coworkers saw me? caught me in the act? this could ruin my "don't care" attitude. this could ruin my whole image. i would never live it down. would i get in trouble? or worse, laughed at?

i hear the footsteps again. they come out of nowhere. they're closer now. they're right up on me. i tense up. i can't hide the evidence fast enough. my hand won't move. it's like it doesn't work.

the footsteps stop. right in front of my desk. i ponder which coworker is standing before me. who is about to discover my secret? a part of my life i try so hard to hide. i hesitantly look up. my heart sinks. it's my manager.

"what are you doing?"

caught in the act.
taking a selfie.


  1. :D You should definitely post these more!

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Robyn! Post more of these. Love, LOVE! I burst out laughing when I read that last line. Did.not.see.that.coming. Perfect, I love being surprised like that!

  3. Hahah, too funny! That last line totally caught me off guard. Gave me quite the needed giggle :D

  4. girl you are so sweet! :) sometimes i think things are funny but wonder if anyone else will. i'm glad it made you laugh :) i was sitting at work & just thought of it & started writing it!

  5. ha! one of the most awkward things ever! :) thank you Beka!

  6. ahh cool! :) i was hoping it would be a little suspenseful! glad it made you laugh! :)

  7. hahahaha! Ok that was hilarious :) Great build up! Oh, the selfie shame.

  8. selfie shame is a real thing! :) thanks Amanda! i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought it was funny!