Friday, May 30, 2014

our first anniversary | the cabin

we had a 5 day getaway to a log cabin for the first part of our anniversary trip! it was everything i had hoped for - quiet, peaceful, refreshing! it was exactly what we both needed & we loved spending every hour of every day with each other! the cabin is in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio and is actually my boss's cabin! he is from Ohio and just recently moved down South in January!



when we arrived, there was a welcome package waiting for us in the kitchen! they had a sweet welcome note, a few reminders about the cabin, two bags of Caribou coffee, two bags of popcorn, Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups & a checklist for when we leave! it was awesome & we definitely finished off the peanut butter cups quickly! the coffee was so nice to enjoy each morning & we did watch a few movies so popcorn was a great addition! 

they also do a mug club - where you bring a coffee mug & swap it with one in their cabinet! i brought an owl mug & took a pwc mug (PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC - it's one of the big 4 accounting firms - i'm a nerd) and Thomas brought a snowman snow angel mug & took a ceramic one with a cross!

this cabin is SO nice and homey! we loved it as soon as we walked in the door! we spent our mornings slowly waking up, our afternoons exploring, and our nights grilling out, playing pool, and enjoying the hot tub! it was a week made in heaven!

have you ever stayed in a cabin before?


  1. beautiful cabin! thanks for sharing

  2. This cabin is gorgeous! Your boss clearly has an eye for detail because every inch of that cabin is magazine-worthy! I love staying in cabins. It's nice and rustic without sleeping on the ground. And the card games, grilling, lazy mornings... gosh, it's all so wonderful.

  3. Oh my gosh! How fun! I love the goodie basket, the mug exchange, and the rocks! Such great ideas! This definitely reminds me of my childhood summers. When I lived in Memphis, we had friends that lived in Pennsylvania. Our middle meeting ground was Gatlinburg and for one week out of the summer we would rent out a big cabin for us and all the family and friends to stay in! Those are some great memories and they are just the perfect place to get away and relax. Or celebrate! Congrats to you guys! :)

  4. funny you say that! he is an accountant so you hit the nail on the head about detail! but they have been featured in a Log Cabin magazine too!! we loved this cabin so much & you are right it is gorgeous! :)

  5. yes! i loved the extra stuff - made it a little more fun! :) it was so fun picking out a rock to bring back! oh cool!!! i love Gatlinburg! my family used to go on cabin trips there every summer! they really are the perfect place to get away! :)