Friday, May 02, 2014

project 12 // 04

project 12 was birthed by Amanda at The Lady Okie & this looked like too much fun not to join in! you take a picture of you & your spouse at the beginning of each month, then you post a short recap of your month. at the end of the year, you have these 12 posts to look back on & remember all the little things that happened throughout your year!

i love this idea so much because this is why i blog! i love looking back on my life & remembering the details. if you missed prior months, you can find them here: January | February | March

nowhere again, but we will make up for it in May! :)

April 12 / God's Not Dead & feeding ducks at the lake
April 19 / movie marathon at home
April 26 / passport to fun: Mexico City (here)

April 7 / celebrated my grandpa-in-law's birthday!
April 13 / first meeting of our new small group
April 20 / first sunday gathering of church plant core group (here)
April 20 / easter lunch with his family

April 6 / our church plant was commissioned!
April 17 / dinner with my parents
April 22 / we signed up for a 5k (here)
April 25 / dinner with friends
April 26 / first run of our 5k training! (here)

how was your month?


  1. What movie marathon did you do??
    I love at home dates that are just relaxing and can be totally chill! (plus it's the only option out here! :)
    I hope your May is wonderful!
    And, you two are adorable in this photo!

  2. Chronicles of Narnia!!!! :) i LOVE stay at home dates! i prefer them much more of the time than going out all the time! mainly because we are barely home during the week!! although i do like hiking too!!!

    thanks so much friend! i hope YOUR May is wonderful & you get some awesome weather up there soon!

  3. Your picture is so stinking cute! I love it. Isn't this just the most fun? I seriously love these posts, and I look forward to yours every month! :) Yay for 5ks! And I'm glad we weren't the only ones who didn't travel in April. Hopefully in May!

  4. Such a cute idea! (And the two of you are SO sweet in that picture!) Movie marathons is one of our fave things to do together :)

  5. thank you friend!!! this is SO much fun!! i love reading about all of your adventures each month too! :) i hope we both get to travel in May!!! :)

  6. thank you so much! :) movie marathons are the BEST!!!