Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY // coffee table tray

our living room curtains came off of our wedding registry at Target. i love them so much & they really brighten up the living room. after we put them up, i was looking around the room figuring out how else to decorate. i decided i wanted a tray for our end table to lay pens, coins, and nick nacks on to cut down on the clutter that can easily overtake a table.

it just so happens that we had to get one of our curtains hemmed, because we hung it on the window on our door and it was too long. i had leftover fun fabric & i wanted to utilize it in some way. so, i made my own tray from a picture frame & curtain fabric. i got this frame at Ross for $3 and the fabric was free! plus i absolutely love that the tray matches our curtains and is unique to us!

this is super simple to make & pretty self explanatory, but i'll walk you through the way i made mine!

materials needed
picture frame (with raised sides to resemble a tray)
fabric of your choosing

step 1 | take the glass out of the frame & trace it onto the fabric.

step 2 | cut along the lines you made to have a piece of fabric that fits your frame

step 3 | put your fabric into your frame, lay the frame on table & use it as an awesome tray!

easy peasy! sometimes we put candles on our tray, keep pens in it, or just leave it as is! you could even set it on it's side & use it as a dry erase board to write fun messages on! use it however you like!

have you ever recycled fabric to make something unique?


  1. Cute!! I used our extra fabric to make pillows!

  2. This is great, thanks for sharing!

  3. that is a great idea, Sarah! :) i still have some left over - just may need to make a pillow!

  4. thanks Kaitlin! it really was easy & i just love it!

  5. thanks Caroline! i love that it matches!

  6. Cute! Trays are one of those things that just add so much interest when decorating! Bang for your buck girl, good job!

  7. Um, so easy and yet so brilliant! I love this idea Robyn!

  8. they really do, Laura! :) thank you!!!

  9. thanks Nicole! i LOVE it so much!

  10. right?! thanks Chantel! i love our little tray :)

  11. Great idea! Thanks for linking up with the Caffeinated Crafters last week! We loved having you!!