Monday, June 23, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- that basset & her faces never fail to crack me up! i'm sure she gets annoyed at me constantly snapping photos of her, but sometimes they are just so priceless! this one has had me laughing all week!

- we snagged a bucket of strawberries from the local berry patch! we love going to little fruit stands or farmers markets! something about it just says summer! (so does the 90degree temps) we also snagged some sweet potatoes & blackberry jam! yum!

- on friday, our HR lady asked me to run a check for her & we normally don't do a check run on fridays for the company she needed it for. so my coworker told her to sweet talk me & that my favorite things are peanut butter oreos & milanos. next thing i know, HR brings over a whole pack of Reese's oreos & double chocolate milanos to my desk! best friday ever! and the whole department enjoyed some treats! 

- we ran our first 5k on Saturday! considering we only got through about 4 1/2 weeks of our c25k app, i think we did pretty well! when i scheduled it, i didn't take into account life & how hectic it is for us lately. so we got a little behind in our training but we didn't let it discourage us! we planned to walk/jog the race and that's exactly what we did! it was a great experience & a lot of fun! plus we enjoy running more now & plan to continue!

- i got a haircut this weekend & was trying to remember the last time i got my haircut. you wanna know when it was? last July - a year ago! you know your life is too busy when...  but it does feel SO much better just to have all of those dead ends off! and even though it's been a year, i still hate spending money on a haircut! #accountingmajorprobs

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how was your week?


  1. the puppies face! strawberries, haircuts & 5ks! YAY

  2. Your first 5k!! That is awesome! I've really been wanting to run a 5K with Tyler. One of these days will do one. :)

  3. Yay for 5ks! I hadn't run one in a long time, but my husband had never run one, back in May. So, we went and finished absolutely last. Like they were picking up cones behind us as we walked through the finish line!

  4. yes! it was a good week! :) that dog cracks me up!!

  5. thank you! it was a lot of fun & definitely won't be our last :) and the strawberries WERE delicious!!!

  6. thanks Samantha! :) it was awesome & won't be our last one!!! you should definitely do it!

  7. yeah we really enjoyed our first one!!! well hey - you both were out there doing it & that's more than you can say for a lot of other people! i know it's got to be hard for you to do so that is SO impressive!! :)

  8. Ah, congrats on the 5k! That's such a great accomplishment. Oh...and my goodness...peanut butter oreos!? Off to the store to pick some up! Eeeek!

  9. thank you!! :) we loved it & definitely feel accomplished!
    YES! i couldn't believe it when i first heard of them & they are just as amazing as they sound! get you some pronto! & let me know how you like them! i don't know if i can ever go back to normal Oreos knowing these exist lol