Monday, June 30, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- remember how i told you our groundhog likes to lay on that rock in front of our barn? well we saw that he was out last weekend & watched him from our window. he walked around for a little bit & then climbed up on the rock for an afternoon nap!

- have you heard of #shereadstruth? i've been hearing about it all over blogland & decided to start one of their studies! it's a good way to redeem part of my lunch break! i'm finishing up Titus right now & can't wait to start Ruth! :)

- on tuesday, Thomas went by starbucks on his lunch break & surprised me by delivering a frozen strawberry lemonade to my office! it was the perfect afternoon pick me up! i think their frozen strawberry lemonade is my favorite drink & it's not even on their menu! i only know about it because Thomas used to work there & let me in on the secret! ;)

- one night on the way home, we saw this little box turtle sitting in the middle of the road! there were no cars coming, so we picked him up out of the road. instead of putting him back on the side just for him to crawl back out in the road, we took him home & let him go in our woods - but played with him inside first! :)

- Jenna came over on thursday for dinner & we planned out some things for her bridal shower in August! i think i'm as excited for her wedding as i was for my own! maybe i just love planning, making lists, & crafting! :) 

- this past weekend we had our passport to fun date for June! we went to Italy & i'll be sharing all about it soon!

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how was your week?


  1. i'm finishing up titus right now too - and i'm loving the shereadstruth study. ( tried them a while back and then just stopped, but i'm sticking with it this round!) i'm pumped for ruth!
    GROUND HOG - and i found a turtle yesterday myself! wooohooo

  2. Hello - I'm visiting from the link-up at Oak & Oats! I've been loving She Reads Truth for about a year now, and they just keep getting better and better! I'm in the Ruth study right now, and it's fantastic. Oh, and I just clicked through some of your Passport to Fun posts, and I am just LOVING this idea! It's so creative and sweet.

  3. I've really enjoyed following your passport to fun dates - it's such a creative idea! Italy is one of my favorite countries (and the food is delicious) so I can't wait to see what you came up with!

  4. Omgosh! I love that you saved a turtle and played with a turtle! So jealous! I love you little animal land outside your house!

  5. i am loving it too! Titus is the first one i did from them & loved it! I'm starting Ruth now & so excited!! ahhh awesome! i love finding turtles!

  6. Hey Emily! thanks for stopping by! :) Titus was my first study with shereadstruth (even though i was late starting) and i loved it! starting Ruth now! :) thank you! the Passport to Fun dates have been SO much fun!! i definitely recommend them!!

  7. thanks Amy! :) they have been so much fun & a really neat date each month!

  8. yes! turtles are awesome & i love seeing them around!! we haven't seen many lately so i was glad this little one needed help! an excuse to bring him home! :)