Monday, June 09, 2014


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highlights from my week:
- last weekend we did our Passport to Fun date to London! it was my favorite one so far because we went to a pub in our city & had a lot of fun! the food was really good & the atmosphere was awesome! plus you really can't go wrong with a Harry Potter movie! :)

- i looked out the window the other day & saw our groundhog exploring all around our yard. so i walked outside to see what he was up to & caught him eating our clovers by our fence! that look is priceless because he looks like a deer in headlights!

- we are still working towards our 5k coming up later this month! we didn't run while we were on our trip, but we did a lot of hiking & even jogging in DC (when we were running late to our white house tour - it was a sight to see). the week after we got back, however, we didn't have a chance to run once! so this past week we started back & we really couldn't tell we took a week off! running has definitely opened up my eyes to how incredible God created our bodies to be! since we missed almost two weeks, we are definitely just hoping to finish our first race!

- my favorite season has come upon us, folks! peaches are here at last and they are my favorite! sometimes i think i could eat nothing but peaches for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy! there is a peach shed on the way home from work, so we can stop in there & get fresh peaches every week if we want to! one of the perks of living in the country!

- saturday was a very busy & fun day! i went with my friend Jenna to help her try on wedding dresses! just a year and a half ago, she was helping me try mine on! it was a lot of fun & makes me even more excited about her wedding! after the dress appointment, we headed to my parents house for my nephew's 2nd birthday party! i can't believe he is 2 already! my parents got him a little car he can ride in & we got him a tractor - so he is all set! 

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how was your week?


  1. Kay, I'm not even a peach fan but those look delicious!

  2. I've got to find a peach source in Cola!! That looks so good. And I don't think there is anything more fun than wedding dress shopping.

    Also, I missed last week in my 5k training and this morning...yeah it was obvious I missed a week. Hoping I can get to the point soon where this feels normal to do!

  3. ah! those PEACHES are beautiful! i love peaches. I just found an awesome recipe for a dehydrated peach treat I'm excited to try out! Almost like a healthy fruit by the foot! Now I must go on a peach finding mission. PRONTO.

  4. they really are! :) i think they would make you a peach fan!!

  5. there's gotta be some around there somewhere!!! :) you're right - wedding dress shopping is super fun! her dress has pockets!! crazy! i got to try on my MOH dress too & i love it!!

    i get what you mean about it feeling normal! right now we are just 4 weeks in (and our race is in 2 weeks - eeeeek) so our muscles are still getting used to it! i know it will never be easy peasy - but i know my muscles will get conditioned!

  6. yes!!!! oh that sounds just lovely! :) you should share the recipe when you make them! :) go get you some peaches girl!!

  7. Pockets?! How fun! Mine was very formal, no pockets to be had, but I want to have a second wedding so I can go a whole other direction hahaha my parents and husband say that is not going to happen.

    Good luck at your race!!! 2 weeks?! Good gracious haha I'm already nervous and mine's not until August 2!!! Nervous about the heat mostly but at least it's early in the morning and in the Upstate and not Columbia!!

  8. yeah! isn't that wild?! i have never heard of a wedding dress with pockets before! you could always do a renewing of the vows for year 20 or something! :)

    yes! we know there is no way we will be fully prepared to run the whole race - but we are still excited about the experience! we are doing a second one in September and will have more time to train for that one! :) early in the morning should be fine i would think! August heat is killer though! ahh your race is in the upstate?! where at?! cause i live in the upstate!!

  9. Greenville! I'm from the Upstate!! I only moved here cause I fell in love with a crazy person who loves hot weather and football...sorry husby...but I'm from Anderson! I still go back like once a month or so to see family!

  10. haha! oh cool!!!! i live around Greenville!

  11. Peaches are my very favorite, too! I need to get to our local farmers market pronto! And my senior year of college we had a groundhog that lived in the sidewalk drain by our townhouse. We called him "Chubs" but most of us were scared of him because he wasn't a little bit scared of us.