Thursday, June 05, 2014

project 12 // 05

project 12 was birthed by Amanda at The Lady Okie & this looked like too much fun not to join in! you take a picture of you & your spouse at the beginning of each month, then you post a short recap of your month. at the end of the year, you have these 12 posts to look back on & remember all the little things that happened throughout your year!

i love this idea so much because this is why i blog! i love looking back on my life & remembering the details. if you missed prior months, you can find them here: January | February | March | April

May 18-23 / Ohio - cabin getaway for our anniversary!
May 23-25 / Washington, DC!

May 2 / Disney's Bears
May 17 / my husband's birthday & OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY! (here, here, & here)
May 20 / day trip to The Wilds animal safari park in Ohio! (here)
May 25 / day trip to the Air & Space Museum & Smithsonian Zoo!
May 31 / passport to fun: London (here)

May 8 / Mother's Day with my family
May 10 / Mother's Day and birthdays with his family (my husband, his sister, his brother in law)
May 12 / birthdays with my family (my dad, my brother in law)
May 27 / dinner with my family when we picked up Dixie

May 14 / we sold my car (that we replaced in October)!
May 24 / White House Tour!

what are the highlights of your month?!


  1. Wow, you guys really did a lot last month. A lot of dates and traveling! That's fun.

  2. This is such a cute idea! I'll have to give it a whirl (next year since I hate coming into projects late! lol). And yay for May anniversaries! Ours is May 15th! We stayed in a cabin for our one year too. So cool. Looks like y'all had a great month.

  3. All I saw was Disney's Bears and lost all other trains of thought. Was it good?? haha I remember seeing previews, but never actually got to see it.

  4. it was such a busy month, but a fun one! :) thanks Amanda!

  5. thanks Jessica! i hate starting things late too, completely get that!! happy belated anniversary!!! you are 2 days before us! :) and how fun that ya'll went to a cabin too! i think that is the perfect first anniversary! :)

  6. haha! yes it was SO good! it was a little shorter than i expected - but so good! i am amazed at how great of footage they can get of wild animals!